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Saturday, 28 January 2012

hulu & chat

it's a pretty good night, since i didn't get to the movies.  mom had to work later than the movie.  bummer!!  

so i chatted w/ april & watched a glee to warm my heart, alcatraz, the finder, and bones.  i did that backwards, tho - watched ep 3 of the finder & then the ep of bones that introduced him.  lol  : )  

well, so, i fell asleep 1/2 way thru that episode of bones.  wasn't feeling very well last night, apparently!

it was a good day, tho!  today was nice, too.  i slept til 10:30, having interesting dreams.  i was supposed to be at mom's at 11, so i rushed around & threw on some clothes & headed over there to catch a ride to leyton's game.  anthony went w/ us, so that was fun!  i like when he hangs out w/ us.  : )  

the game was fun & went fast.  the kids are learning more & one little girl on leyton's team is especially good at layups for a preschooler!  after the game, anthony wanted to go to hardee's, leyton wanted to go to CFA.  i was the deciding vote & i really wanted hardee's, but leyton was having a mini-meltdown, so mom said he could either pick CFA today or Wed - he picked today.  except then they were so packed we couldn't even get into the parking lot!  d'oh!  so we ended up at IHOP.  it was good!  they have some new hashbrown stacker meals that are YUMMY!  : )  and we had quite a lot of fun w/ a yellow bouncey ball... heh.  

so, i was taking a picture of the IHOP sign, and accidentally got leyton doing this.  
 after he saw that picture, he wanted me to take a couple more like it.  LOL 

then we decided to go to the family museum & see the turtles & play for a bit.  anthony decided to go w/ us, which made me happy!  

 *ahem* swiss army turtle.  ; )  

we went back to mom's for awhile to play payday and have a bite to eat for dinner before heading home.  i dropped anthony off at home - had to help get him IN because his key wasn't catching or something & the dead bolt didn't want to open!  he worked on it for awhile before i went up to help - i'm glad i don't just drive off when i drop ppl off, but actually wait for them to get inside!!!  

leyton & i got here about 7:30 & immediately it was bath time - he threw a fit for some reason but was fine just before that & was fine as soon as he got IN the tub.  it was really weird, and all i can do is attribute it to tiredness?  idk.  i just know i'm glad it didn't last long!!  after bath, we had popcorn & watched a couple episodes of thomas & then it was time for beddy bye for leyton!  

i watched the rest of that Bones episode, then caught up w/ the lying game & switched at birth.  now it's time for me to rest my eyes!!  : )  

how'd your saturday go?  


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