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Friday, 20 January 2012

snow & shoveling

how was your day, today?  did you have any snow?  do you like snow like trish likes snow?  heh... 

snow falling is pretty when you're inside & when you look out the window it seems like you're inside a snow globe.

snow piled up in your driveway/walkway/stairs/parking lot/porch that you have to shovel in order to park is NOT pretty or fun or cute or anything like that.  

thankfully, today i wore jeans to work (shocking many ppl who have never seen me in jeans) AND remembered to put my shovel in the car so i didn't have to traipse thru the drifts to get to it!  : ) 

payroll cutoff went well.  i got everything in & left at 5.  didn't get my vacations more than sorted, but with the weather being what it was, i didn't feel bad about leaving those for monday!  we also had a pot luck to celebrate someone's new job, and there was some awesome food!  someone made a mexican corn dip, served w/ fritos, that is ...mmmm....yummy!  there were a few other dips as well, and i was mostly good.  for lunch i just had carrots & mushrooms & a few chips to dip in my roasted red pepper hummus.  who knew i would like hummus so much?!  it's delicious!  : )  

sam's called & my glasses are ready!  yay!  if the weather had been better, i would have picked them up tonight.  as it was, i just wanted to get home!!  i did stop at the buck's, tho, because i have a gift card & a green tea sounded like it would hit the spot (it did).  then for dinner i made some garlic noodles & meatballs, and added in some adolph's salsa a friend brought in for me.  it is way tasty w/ chips, but also sooooo good in pastas & as a sauce for other stuff (baked potato, oh yeah!).  

nothing too exciting when i got home - shoveling, warming up, watching hulu - tonight's programs were White Collar (*cheers!!*), Royal Pains, and The Finder.  love love!!  and then just for kicks i watched my man harry shum jr in his feature ep of the LXD, Elliott's Shoes.  : )  good stuff, maynard!!  

now i think i shall hit the hay.  tiiiired!  oh, the FIRST challenge was moved to sunday because of the weather & ppl have to travel, so i get to sleep in tomorrow but then up early sunday.  i'll take the sleeping in tomorrow, tho!!!  oh crap, i kept forgetting to send stacy a note & see what time she's going over to nicki's.  i couldn't go because of volunteering & then it got moved... oh well, leyton's game is at 1:30 or something, and i am SLEEPING IN.  sorry, nicki!  i hope your knee is healing nicely!!!  

ummm... what else?  there was something else...?  ah well, i'll think of it later.  for now, my warm & comfy bed is calling.  



  1. I do not miss the snow or cold weather. Today our temps were in the 60's. I went to a ladies breakfast at church and didn't wear a coat or sweater. It was awesome.

    And you are right...snow is nice until you have to be in it, shovel it, and when it starts melting and becomes disgusting dirty slush. No thanks.

  2. 60's & 70's are my happy weather. : )