"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 21 July 2011

here comes the rain!

what a crazy but wonderful day!  

work was quite productive.  had an irate employee that i had to talk down, but he ended up hanging up on me.  which was okay, because i'd given him all the info i needed to.  talked to the boss about it, to give her the heads up that he said he was going to contact her, and she gave me a huge compliment!  she said i handled it exactly right.  : )  God's blessings, ya know?  : )  

i had some yummy adolph's salsa at lunch.  nom nom nom!  

i got to leave work ON TIME!  that was awesome & felt great.  i truly don't mind working late & stuff.  it's just nice to get out on time once in awhile.  AND mom called me when i was just about home to see if i wanted to meet her for dinner, so i did.  : )  the cresean buffet is not my favorite, but their sushi is okay.  and it's nice to hang out w/ mom!  

tomorrow is leyton day.  yay!!!  leyton weekend, really.  woot!!  

i got to chat w/ april, juli, and erin tonight.  winning!  (lol)

i received TWO postcards, and a letter from aunt jan in the snail mail.  

 st sophia in ukraine 
utah  : )  

i watched AGT & OLTL (two todds are better than one!  wahhhh!) & GH.  

oh yeah, the rain.  finally, the rain!  with a side of pretty, awesome lightning, and booming thunder.  no threat of tornadoes.  just the kinda storm i like!  : )  

still, even w/ the rain, they're predicting temps in the crazy zone saturday, so we cancelled our cookout.  we're gonna meet for lunch somewhere, hopefully.  in the nice, a/c'd restaurant of linda's choice... heh.  AND - did i mention i get to hang out w/ leyton?  

i hope your day went well, and that you are as grateful as i am that tomorrow is FRIDAY!



  1. Send some rain to Texas won't you?! It's SOOOO hot here!!!! It hasn't rained in such a long time I've forgotten what it looks and feels like lol

    I use to have customers like that sometimes when I worked in retail. I'm glad your boss sees that you did the right thing and even complimented you :) So sweet!

    I hope you have a wonderful Leyton weekend!!! :) There's nothing better than time with your nephew :) That sounds like my weekend only it will be with my nieces :) I have been having such a blast since they've been here! It's so nice to have Micaela home too!!! :) Perhaps we can skype with you while she's in town? I would loooove that :) Let me know :)

    I wish I could close my eyes and when I opened them be magically in front of St. Sophia! (Sophia is my nieces name :) It looks SOOOOO beautiful!!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks, Marianne! If I could transport you to St Sophia w/ Sophia, I totally would! Then I'd transport myself to Australia. Or Ireland. Mmmm. Or Scotland. Oooh, the accents! ; )