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Thursday, 14 July 2011

mr cowy

today was kinda intense!  

i had a couple meetings - one with a lady who used to be my boss's boss's boss, and is now like about 5 more steps up in "bossdom."  heh.  i've worked w/ her on projects before, and she's a neat lady.  it was a good meeting!  

another good meeting was our team meeting.  which i put together.  i LOVE being the cruise director (thanks, andrea)!  i was not feeling well today, but it was still lots of fun setting up the room & working w/ my boss on lunch choices & all.  i really wanted to get more accomplished today, but i had to leave at 5 for dinner w/ mom & leyton.  did NOT want to miss that!  : )  and so happy i went... 

leyton loves the cow.  it's so cute, he calls him cowy, or mr cow.  heh.  and tonight he got to play catch w/ mr cow.  

i got home around 7:30 & watched warehouse 13, melissa & joey, white collar (neal, yuuum!) & GH.  : )  warehouse 13 is one of those shows (like eureka) that i LOVE when i watch it but i don't catch it very often.  i'll have to see about adding it to my rotation (i say all the time & then don't, just catch random eps here & there).  heh.  melissa & joey HAS been added to the rotation, tho.  so cute!!  (cute is apparently the word of the day.  LOL 

got to chat w/ aunt nancy & holly a bit.  excited for harry potter tomorrow!!!!  *beam*  i really hope that it's not ALL sold out for the time we want to go.  i'm only working a couple hours tomorrow & then will head off to the theatre to check it out.  then i have lunch w/ sherry, an oil change, and then holly should be here & it'll be time to meet everyone at the theatre!  woot!!  

i'm having a little anxiety about holly coming.  not to do w/ HER - i'm happy she's coming & can't wait to see her!  but my house is just so cluttered.  and not as clean as i would like (i forgot to dust the TV & am too tired to get up & do it now!) but i did sweep & mop the floors tonight, so that's at least done!  but i am just not a good cleaner.  i'm clean just not a cleaner.  ya know?  like, my trash is taken out, i clean up after myself, i do my dishes... i forget to dust, hate to start vacuuming but love it once i get going, mopping the floors is usually not a priority... *sigh*  and stuff just deposits everywhere.  not like yucky stuff.  normal stuff stuff.  *laugh*  

anyway, i guess this was a little bit of confession time!!  i'll leave it at that, because i had the goal of getting to bed at 11 & it's now 1 & i am TUCKERED OUT.  


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