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Sunday, 24 July 2011


oh how we love trains!  i didn't think we were going to the train festival, but mom surprised me.  : )  she & leyton picked me up around 11:30 & off we went.  : )  

earlier, there were more CRAZY storms.  so crazy, in fact, that it knocked out my internet and came thru the vent of my guest bathroom causing a leak.  i got up to check the radar, couldn't because the net was out, used the guest loo & was RAINED ON!  i thought there was a roof leak til i turned on the light.  oye.  praise the Lord it WASN'T a leak!  

also, praise Him that it stopped raining so that we could go to the festival!  leyton was SO excited! 

there were all sorts of trains, including a small one to ride.  you could take trips on the big ones, too, but had to buy tix for that way in advance cuz they were all sold out!  

there were smaller replicas, and of course vendors galore selling everything from model trains to clothes to thomas to ... carousels... 

My favorite vendor - come on, y'all, it's a giant lemon!!  

when asked, my favorite train was the orange one, mom's was the one they rode on, and leyton's was the one w/ the carousel... awww.  : )  

along w/ the trains, there was some beauuuutiful river scenery - and clouds.  so happy that the rain didn't ruin the day!  

 wish this had come out clearer - i love my new shirt!
got it for $4!  

on our way back to mom's for a bath (cuz climbing on trains tends to get you a little dirty, and mud + sandals = need a bath!), we talked about how excited we are for our next trip, CHICAGO.  and leyton also wanted to show off the train gramma got him.  it makes noise & lights up!

after bath, we had some bubble fun & played w/ some more trains til it was time to head to marty's.  he was tuckered out from our day of fun!  

after we took him home, i was supposed to go to WM but i was not feeling it.  i'll have to go tomorrow, tho, cuz i need milk & soda!  : )  

how was your sunday?  did you get to spend time w/ family & have some fun??  did you thank the Lord for His blessings today??  : )  


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