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Saturday, 2 July 2011

movies that matter

to save a life

i haven't seen courageous yet, as it doesn't come out til september 30th.  but i will see it.  these movies SAY something.  fireproof says something about marriage.  to save a life says something about truly being the instrument God wants you to be.  rust says something about listening to the Lord when He speaks to you.  i watched the latter two tonight, and was just blown away, really.  i enjoy the action flicks (hello, transformers!  lol) but these movies impress on a totally different level.  transformers is popcorn and escape.  these movies are - or can be - life changing.  

i was FBing about the movies, and one status may have rubbed someone the wrong way, but i can't tell for sure because they didn't respond to the status, they put something in their status that used an unusual phrasing that i had just used in mine.  of course, earlier, they had written a status that i thought might be about someone else... (and confirmed ... oh, the drama!  can't we all just get along?  please?  everyone is much happier that way!)  

i'm not getting upset over it, just... idk.  i just want us to all get along.  i know that is a pollyanna attitude, but i don't care.  that's how i want it to be!  : )  

other than that!  today was good!  : )  mom & i went to cresean buffet (we were going to olive garden, but then ... yeah).  some things were really good (sushi rolls, yum!  crab ragoon, yum!) and some things i was not happy w/ this visit (egg rolls - meh.  and no peanut butter chicken!  *pout*).  then we went to sam's, but we hit at the time most of the free samples were in btwn.  also, i didn't find the salmon zulu told me about!  and mom was a little cranky, but she hugged me & apologized for being cranky, so i wasn't cranky about her being cranky!  *laugh*  

then we went to blockbuster & i rented (actually, mom rented for me) Rust & Megamind.  already talked about rust.  how cute was megamind?!?  i must own it, and despicable me.  they both have minions.  : )  after i finished rust, i heard fireworks, so i went to find them.  and did i!!  oh man ppl were shooting them off just down the road, and we have an open field so i could see them really well!  i pulled into the school parking lot, shut my lights off & watched.  LOVE IT!!  

once that display was over, i went down to blockbuster to return the movies & since it was the same day, i got to pick out another one for free!  : )  so i picked TSAL because i'd seen a preview for it on rust.  excellent choice!!  

what else?  i really don't know!  oh, mom has to work on friday, so now our weekend plans are changing.  she said we're still going, so ... i might be taking next monday off instead of this coming friday.  we'll see when we chat tomorrow!  and also i found out she hadn't asked jen about it yet, so if she already has plans w/ leyton, that will mess up the whole thing!  sometimes i really don't understand why mom doesn't just TALK to phil & jen about things instead of it turning into a big deal... which this might not even be, i just would have thought she would have talked to phil & jen before making plans.  

ah well, such is our crazy life that is!  : )  (i just sent jen a message on fb to see if she had plans & she said idk.  so now... idk!  even when i'm trying to clear things up i am confused!  LOL)  

i hope your saturday has gone smashingly, and that sunday is bright & beautiful!  

and includes fireworks!  we're going to see more tomorrow night, Lord willing!  : )  



  1. Fireworks are always spectacular!! I love watching them, they are so magical! I cant wait to see them tomorrow night for the 4th of July :)

    Thank you for the very sweet birthday wishes :)

    xo Karina

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Karina! I hope your fireworks are amazing, too!! : ) I'll have some pictures (not the best pictures, but I still like them) for tonight's posting, I think. : )