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Saturday, 23 July 2011


just wanted to let you know that the dish also works w/ banana chips.  crunchy goodness!  : )  

today ended up quite differently than planned.  plans got changed & rearranged so many times, i can't even go into the story of how/what happened because i can't remember all the twists & turns in the right order!  *laugh*  but in the end, after 2 hours of phone calls w/ 4 different ppl, we finally decided that we were postponing dinner to wednesday night at jungle bungle.  : )  this means i'll have to leave work by 5 on wednesday... so i'll need to work harder/longer monday & tuesday.  oh boy... LOL  

i knew erin was looking forward to getting out & about, and i was looking forward to catching up w/ her, so i picked her up for lunch & we went to arthur's.  nom nom nom!  *laugh*  her foot's doing really well, PTL!

after lunch, i went over to mom's to hang out w/ her & leyton.  he'd said he wanted to stay in, so we played w/ his construction stuff for a bit.  then he said we should go somewhere, so he & i took a little journey.  there aren't really a lot of "fun" things open after 5, tho, so we just went to blockbuster so he could exchange his elmo movie for a thomas one.  : )  he also got enthralled by Cars being shown on one of the big screens - even tho he owns that movie.  *laugh*  but it's been so scratched for so long that he probably forgot what it is like to watch it w/o skipping!  

after blockbuster, we went up to kohl's so i could check out the sales.  i found t-shirts for $4!!  woot!  

we picked up CFA & headed back home to watch the thomas movie & eat dinner & look at his baby pictures & snuggle.  : )  

tomorrow we're going to check out the train festival after church, i think.  except i think you have to pay $$ to get in, so we might end up just looking at it from the outside, cuz i don't have $15 to spend on admission when we're going to chicago in a few days!!  and mom would rather spend her money in chi town, i think, too!  

when i got home, i watched some GREAT episodes of GH, and finished watching this week's food network star.  i was highly disappointed in bobby flay.  something happened w/ one of the chefs & wolfgang puck, and bobby swore Jesus's name.  and they aired that twice.  :(  bah.  

anyway, i hope your saturday was great & that your sunday is BLESSED.  PTL for all He does - even the little, seemingly insignificant things, like fixing my car window.  leyton likes to roll down his window in the car sometimes, and i let him.  well, a few days ago i noticed that his window wasn't working, and tonight he noticed.  i told him that the other window used to be stuck, too, but it was okay now, so we put that one down for a bit.  but then i put it up & he said, "i wish my window would work.  it's not fair that it stopped working."  and then, God fixed it!  we said, Thank You, God and PTL, and it was fixed!!!  : )  

and now, sleep!  it's almost 2, good grief.  


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