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Sunday, 17 July 2011

the heat is ON! again!

yesterday's fun didn't end when holly headed for home.  i had a wedding, the reception, and then hanging out w/ leyton to get to!  : )  

megan & justin's wedding was in a rose garden at a local park.  SO PRETTY!  but also SO HOT!  thankfully there was cloud cover for most of it, but then the sun would break thru & the heat... ugh!  but everyone looked GORGEOUS & it was a happy happy ceremony!  : )  

 pati, deb & marcie 
 proud mother of the bride, my dear friend trish!  lookin good!  : ) 

 the kids all had a good time!  

by the time the ceremony was over, i didn't even make it to the reception line - well, i tried, but i lost my friends & wasn't too keen on the crowd & so i just headed home for an hour.  : )  

i had a little trouble finding the reception, even tho it was somewhere i'd been before!  *laugh*  but it was nice, as i walked in to the right spot where marcie, dan & his wife were at!  reception food was good - turkey sandwiches & sides, and someone made yummy cream puffs, as well!  we hung out for an hour or so, some really neat slideshows were played, and i stayed for the first dance and the father-daughter dance (SO, so sweet!).  and toasts!  their best man & maid of honor, along w/ al (meg's dad) gave really great toasts!!

al made that backdrop as a surprise for megan.  she was surprised!  : )  
this family is awesome, they really are...!

then i took off to be w/ this kid:

he was happy to see me & we played & snuggled & watched elmo goes to the fire station.  : )  i stayed til he went to sleep.  it was an awesome day and a very blessed night.  SO GRATEFUL!  : )  

also grateful that i got to sleep til noon today.  i was Tired!  i am still tired, really, but today was nice as well.  way more low-key, tho.  *laugh*  i read my Peoples, had church w/ my friend sarah's sermon, caught up on Big Brother, and went to mom's to watch tonight's episode.  oh, and i got to chat w/ erin for an hour or so, which was nice!  

tomorrow, back to work!  : )  ttfn!!  

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