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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


one more day & then it is VACATION!  : )  

i ate my first turkey burger from hardee's tonight for dinner.  omh, so good!  i'll have to try the mushroom & swiss next.  now, i had heard a rumor that the turkey burgers weren't as healthy as the regular burgers.  however... according to calorieking.com:  

Sandwiches & Burgers: Burger, Turkey, Mushroom & Swiss

 (?)Nutrition Facts
Calories 480(2006 kJ)
% Daily Value 1
Total Fat17g26%
Sat. Fat7g35%
Total Carbs.44g15%
Dietary Fiber3g12%

Sandwiches & Burgers: Burger, Thickburger, (1/3 lb.) Mushroom & Swiss

 (?)Nutrition Facts
Calories 650(2717 kJ)
% Daily Value 1
Total Fat36g55%
Sat. Fat14g70%
Total Carbs.47g16%
Dietary Fiber3g12%

so, since the carbs are from the bun, and i don't eat the bun, i'm thinking the delicious turkey burger is the way to go!!  : )  altho, it is a lot of sodium... i wonder how much of that is from the bun & how much is from the burger itself?  anyone?  i like that it has nearly as much protein, too...

anywhoo, that was the most excitement of my day!  lol  other than stopping by mom's.  that was nice.  watched the end of tonight's hell's kitchen.  man, that show is crazy!

when i got home, i watched Switched At Birth (ohmyheck INTENSE) and OLTL.  oh, and the last episode of a food network show about competing food trucks.  that was cool.

now, sleep!  tomorrow will be busy at work w/ a couple meetings, and then, after work - DINNER w/ my peeps!  yay!  can't wait to see linda!  


carrie marie 

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