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Friday, 22 July 2011

stormy storms

well, idk if this is going to get posted or not, because my internet keeps going in & out.  i was watching next food network star before bed, but getting annoyed that it kept stopping.  *laugh*  ah well, at least it came back long enough for me to get the post written anyway.  and as much as i love thunder & lightning storms, i'm praying it doesn't knock out our power!!  i <3 my air conditioning!!!  : )  

so, happy friday bloggy peeps!  did you have a good one?  are you ready for the weekend?  what're your plans?  

my friday was quite like my thursday - extremely pleasant & got a lot done but w/o feeling rushed or whatnot.  :)  i mostly worked on photos and vacations.  and i left on time again!  i know i won't be leaving on time at all next week, but then it's VACATION so i am grateful!!  : )  

after work, i met mom & leyton at incredible pizza.  GREAT times!  yummy salad bar, nachos, apple pie, and some pizza.  delish!  and of course playing w/ leyton & mom.  heh.  the blacklit mini-golf didn't give me a headache tonight, so i count that as a plus!  

and leyton bought me another care bear w/ his points from the evening - bedtime bear.  so now i have good luck bear (is that his name??)(just googled and yes it is), cheer bear & bedtime bear.  i think friend bear, birthday bear and tenderheart are also in the bin.  i want to collect them all!  cuz i'm goofy like that.  ; )  when i was little, i had birthday bear & tenderheart.  i might have also had friend bear.  phil had bedtime bear and i think grumpy bear.  i miss those bears!  they were soft & cushy & really good stuffed animals.  

tangent!  lol  

after IP leyton asked if i was coming over to hang out, so i said sure.  mom wanted to stop by blockbuster, so leyton & i headed to her house.  : )  we stopped at starbucks & leyton wanted orange juice, so we stopped at mcdonald's, too.  i didn't realize they had sizes of OJ.  so i was going to get him a small, but he said a large, so we compromised & got a medium.  *laugh*  and he drank nearly the whole thing!!  

we played & snuggled & watched a movie & ate popcorn for a couple hours.  

he was sleeepy & so was i, so i left sometime after 9.  

he & mom went swimming at a really neat pool w/ a slide this afternoon.  he loved the slide!  i wish i would have been there taking pictures!!  well, except it was really hot this afternoon, so... LOL  

i got to talk to renee for a bit on my way to IP, so that was fun!  

aaaannnnd... oh, i watched an interesting movie when i got home, called The Final Cut?  robin williams is in it, and it's quite interesting.  i like that robin williams is such a versatile actor.  i mean, we (or at least, i) think of him as a comedian, but he does an AWESOME job in emotional, calm roles as well.  AND he makes a compelling robot (bicentennial man).  

now i think i must get to bed.  tomorrow will be a busy but FUN-tastic day!  praise the Lord!  : )  


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