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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

strangeness again

so, i was just outside, and my neighbor came out & asked how things were going w/ my disability.  


i said, "i don't have disability.  were you talking w/ someone else & got us confused?"  

he said, "no, we were talking the other day about all your doctor's appointments.  i thought you said you were trying to get disability."

"wasn't me, sorry!  PTL ..."

i don't get it!  LOL  i've never been on, considered being on, talked about being on...disability.  and i haven't been to the doctor since my regular appointment in like may.  so that whole conversation came way outta the blue for me!  

anywhoo, that was just an odd moment for tonight!  *laugh*  

today was pretty crazy, but i got all my claims in, vacations done, timecard questions answered, memorials prepped, AND left at 6.  hey hey!  *laugh*  

after all of that, i deserved some ADOLPH'S!  to get to the salsa, i had to battle the oppressive heat and construction.  ugh.  i really wanted that salsa!  *laugh*  

oooh, construction - we joke in the midwest that we have two seasons - winter and construction.  is it like that where you live?  today i really felt like we are in the heart of CONSTRUCTION season.  ugh!  first of all, the bridge i normally take to go home is back under construction.  the past couple weeks it had been so nice!  we got a respite from the construction due to the big golf tourney.  idk why they can't do what they need to do on the bridge at night instead of during the day - especially considering the heat those poor workers are having to be in!  but alas.  

so, okay.  i had to navigate construction to get to adolph's.  then the bridge is under construction, so i went a different way - which, it turns out, also has some construction going on.  d'oh!  then i needed to get petrol.  i was on EEEEEk.  but the gas station w/ gas for $3.45 was full, so i had to stop at the one w/ gas for $3.65.  so i only put a gallon in, just enough to get me home & to the cheap gas station in the morning!  LOL  after the gas station, i couldn't go the way i wanted to because of CONSTRUCTION.  and then close to my house there is construction going on so i had to detour - and a white car came zooming around a corner w/o even stopping & scared me.  booo on them!  

i watched some really good AGT & then OLTL (i love todd manning!  both of them!).  oh, speaking of OL - did you see that ABC sold OLTL & AMC to a web company?  but didn't tell the actors, the new web company hasn't talked to the actors... who does that?!  and maybe things are all hunky dory now, i just read the TV Guide article about it.  at first, i was like YAY!  but then i read that the actors hadn't even been approached about going w/ the shows, and ... yikes.  

so, what'd you do today?  do share how you're beating the heat!!  :)  



  1. Todd Manning is what got me watching OLTL. Back when Crazy Margaret was after him... remember when he was "executed"?? Good times.

  2. oh yeah! and when he was raped. :( that was such a sad storyline, but an important one, too. i mean, it was like full circle... but i remember it bringing up some difficult conversations w/ some ppl. and as much as i love roger, i fell in love w/ new todd, too. i wish they could both stay...