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Tuesday, 5 July 2011


i love lists!  take a look at micaela's latest swap - gave me some list ideas for sure!!  : )  

work felt like a double dose of monday.  left at 6.  got mostly what i wanted to accomplished.  rah!  ready to do it again tomorrow... : ) 

missed chatting w/ april tonight.  *pout*  

casey anthony verdict.  *sigh*  now i'm torn.  i really thought (think) she killed her daughter.  but the jury must not have been convinced beyond a reasonable doubt, which makes me think they heard something(s) that we, the public did not.  and then i wonder why would the media keep that from us, if it casts doubt on her guilt?  and then i also wonder, so now she's been found not guilty of killing her daughter.  but she's guilty in the eyes of the public, so... what's her life going to be like?  :(  

missed chatting w/ matthew tonight.  *pout*  

watched switched at birth, secret life, dilbert, and GH.  : )  that's some happy times!

that's my list for today.  gotta sleep!!  *HUGS*  take care, and ttfn!!  

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  1. She will fade into obscurity until she does something newsworthy...like get pregnant again. I am sure she will make the media rounds to tell her story and make as much money off it as possible.