"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 8 July 2011


so, this morning i had this flash of memory.  

see, sometimes i think in the royal "we."  i don't know why.  even when i'm praying - i use "our" and "us" a lot, and sometimes i am including angel in those prayers, but usually it's just how it comes out in my thoughts.  

and i wonder, sometimes, if i've been thinking like that since my mental break in 4th grade?  well, i call it a mental break because i can't think of any other reason why i would have apparently had another personality who thought she was a princess.  i don't have any recollection of that - of thinking i was a princess, i mean.  but april assures me it's true.  the only thing i remember about it is being sent to the office on an errand, and coming back to hear everyone discussing me.  i eavesdropped in the hall for awhile, and wondered what they were talking about, but being SO embarrassed that they were talking about me behind my back.  i remember distinctly having the "aha" moment that my teacher had sent me to the office "to get rid of me" so they could talk about me.

so, yeah.  weird, huh?

now i'm off to play w/ Leyton & Mom & have fuuuun!  :)   



  1. Your 4th grade teacher sent you to the office so that they could all discuss you while you were gone? That seems strange. And very un-teacher like....

    Is Leyton your nephew?

  2. yeah, she's on FB, i should ask her sometime what the whole story was. heh.

    and yep, my nephew! : )