"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


today i chatted w/ juli a bit about our cookout in a couple weeks.  : )  and about harry potter next weekend!  : )  i put together a FB event for our cookout.  i didn't realize i was friends w/ so many ppl from school!  *laugh*  how awesome is that??  and i KNOW know 3/4 of those friends.  which, on FB, is not always the case, right?  so, i'll be happy to see them!

and then i think - "ohmyheck, what did i just do?  instead of an intimate party w/ my close close friends i have turned it into a potential reunion of sorts with a ton of ppl, some of whom i haven't seen in ages, and ohmyheck, what did i just DO???"

but i always think that after i hit send on any party i plan.  LOL   i have to hold on to that to keep any true panic at bay.  i still have the niggles but - at least at this moment - analyzing keeps the full blown panic at bay!  and God.  He's good at that, too!  ; )  

anywhooooo!  : ) 

today was another long one, but fun!  it seems like the strange questions are coming out of the woodwork this week, tho.  like, i've been doing what i do for awhile, and i have a pretty good grip on how to help ppl w/ a lot of different things.  except, then someone will ask a question or send me a screen shot & i'm like... "whaa?"  sometimes those kinda things are few & far between, but this week, man... this week they are all over the place!!  it's lots of fun!!  keeps me on my toes.  

tonight i watched lots of AGT.  oh, i do love it each time i watch!  i also watched adam savage (from mythbusters) speak at this year's maker faire.  have you ever heard him speak?  very interesting!  it helps that i love his voice.  ; )  

tomorrow is my friday, in that friday mom, leyton & i will be traveling!  woot!  

and so, i should get to bed.  : )  happy wednesday & have a great thursday!!  


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