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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


today was a crazy, crazy day!  *laugh*  i had meetings, meetings, and was running alllll day.  my last meeting was at 4:30, and was supposed to be 1/2 an hour, but it was an awesome meeting, and it lasted over an hour.  so i didn't get back to my desk til 5:45.  my wall-mate & i went out to have a smoke at 6 since we were both already at 10 hours & it was just TIME!  *laugh*  we didn't leave til after 7, tho.  she'd forgotten about the shuttle, so i gave her a ride to her car.  which worked out well because then i went to hy vee & picked up salad bar for dinner.  YUM!  and some m&m's because i was pretty well famished by then!  heh.

i didn't get home til 8, watched AGT & Food Network Star, and now i must go to sleep.  hopefully i'll be able to get saturday's post up tomorrow!  *laugh*  

i hope your day went well!  congrats to april & nicki, who both had pretty great accomplishments this week, after swimming some pretty rough waters!  good job, ladies!!!  you rock!  


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