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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

TGIW! : )

happy happy wednesday!  

work was a little crazy today, ya know?!  arrived at 7:30, worked on memorials.  meeting at 9-11.  meeting in the same room at 11-11:45.  meeting at 11:30, which i missed because the other meeting went long.  grabbed lunch & a break & worked on email & continued w/ memorials.  meeting at 12:30-1.  worked on more email & memorial stuff.  worked on claims & vacations, getting things done for being gone.  set my out of office.  left at 4:40.  

whew!!!  *laugh*  

i was meeting juli & linda & erin at happy joe's, so i had to take the bridge that's under construction again.  parking lot.  oye!  *laugh*  and it was HOTTT out again.  :|  but it really wasn't too bad, and ppl weren't jerks about merging, so that was a plus!  *laugh*  and we all pretty much got there at the same time, so it was all good!  : )  

hugs hugs hugs & it was sooooo nice to see linda & her kiddos after a year!!  it was nice to see juli & the kids, and erin, too, but i see them a little more often.  heh.  we ordered two pizzas, half sausage/pepperoni, and half cheese/supreme or garden or something like that.  *laugh*  they were nommmy!  well, i assume they were all good, i just had the sausage.  oh, i guess i did have a slice of the pepperoni, which i wasn't a fan of, but that's because i love their sausage so much!  heh.  

the kids were sooooo happy to be together again & hanging out.  sarah & amanda mugged for the camera... 

 the famous "heart" pose 

 shirt over the nose 
 morphed into ninja-sarah

 sharing the ninja-ness!  

 this was not her best idea, but it was funny!
 then she got The Look from her mom & decided to PRETEND to drink thru her shirt... LOL 

 genuine, amused smiles 
 model smiles 
and funny faces for sarah, sweet smile for manda!  

then they all went to play & the adults visited.  it just felt good to be hanging out w/ linda.  i really miss her!!  and since juli & i live just down the road from one another, we really need to get a hang out schedule going like erin & i have started!!  *laugh*  it is nice to not feel like we are "catching up" every time, but that we are just free to hang out & stuff ya know!?  

 Julia (Juli) - Mom to Sarah & Andrew; Linda - Mom to Amanda & Henry 

 Erin & I 

 Linda, Erin & I 
Linda, Erin & Juli  : )  

we hung out for a few hours, and the boys got their chance to mug for the cameras.  : )  

sarah, andrew & henry all have july/august birthdays, so they got to have a song, horn blowing, and sundaes!  

and then it was time to go - we left a little after 9 (we got there at 5:30, so that was 3 1/2 hours of visiting - and could have been longer but we were all getting tired, including the kiddos!  lol) & stayed in the parking lot chatting for another 10 minutes or so.  heh.

love it!  i brought erin home & got to my home a little after ten.  

talked to mom for a minute - she & leyton are picking me up around 10 or 11 tomorrow.  then it's off for our ADVENTURE!  phil's house/Angel-sitting, so that's cool beans.  : )  

soooo ready for VACATION!  thank You, Lord, You ROCK!  : )  


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