"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 25 July 2011


the person, not the place.  she annoys me sometimes but other times i just am amazed by her heart.  and also sometimes the way she & her mom talk to each other reminds me of my own mom!  it's the annoyed fighting but then i-love-you kinda thing.  ya know?  

anywhoo.  my day was pretty nice!  at one point i had about 15 windows open at work because i was trying to help 3 ppl w/ timecard issues, 2 ppl w/ vacation issues and one person w/ ... well, it wasn't so much an issue as a helping them sort a couple things out!  *laugh*  i also had a couple meetings, a hundred or so photos to play with, and vacations to process...  : )  oh, and watermelon at lunch!  that was a nice surprise.  i'd just been talking to a friend about craving watermelon, and then there was some in the cafe.  woot!  

when i got home, i watched BB (David Hasselhoff!  omh!  can't help it, i *heart* him.  also, way rooting for jeff & jordan, of course!), White Collar (neal & peter in tuxes, oh yeah!  and how cute is mozzy?  so neat to find out where he got his name!), The Protector, and The World According to Paris.  : )  good times!!!  read some blogs & email, tried to chat w/ april but we had some connection issues (LOL), and now here i am, ready for BED!  

tomorrow i think i have one meeting, maybe two.  i have to crack down on getting claims processed before i leave, too.  

how's your week going???  


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