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Monday, 4 July 2011

happy independence day!

today is the day to remember the greatness our country once was, and could be again.  today is the day to thank a service member for their decision to volunteer their time, blood, sweat and tears.  thank you to my dad, uncle ken, cousin ken, cousin nicole, uncle terry, uncle gene, cousin steve... (sorry if i missed any family veterans!)

today was also a day for celebration & to get together w/ family at our annual 4th of july party at cousin jenni's.  it was a hot one, but there was shade to be found.  : )  everyone had lots of fun!  

there was even a blimp!  

later, i went over to mom's to watch a movie w/ leyton & play w/ sparklers & fireworks!  

tomorrow it's back to work.  and i have a payroll cut off on wednesday & TONS of claims, so i will be working my bottom off!  lol  BUT the happy thing is - mom decided not to work on friday, so i have a 3 day week & then ROAD TRIP to the jasper county museaum, des moines zoo, stephen's birthday party... and TONS OF FUN!  : )  with mom and leyton.  wooot!  

i hope you had a fabulous time with your family and/or friends, and that you got to see some fireworks at some point this weekend!  if you had to work today, i hope everything at least went smoothly!!  : )  



  1. now that is a 4th of july celebration!!!

    but always remembering why we get to celebrate america's birthday... bless your family that served! <3 as you know i come from a family that also serves our great country and i will always be extremely thankful and in awe of my brother and pappa and now your family. i'll always remember them when i say a prayer of thanks.

    i hope your work day went smoothly love! and cheers to knowing that a little fun is right around the corner ;)


  2. for sure!! i am so grateful to the ppl who choose to go into the military, knowing the sacrifices that they will be making. not just in war time - even in peaceful times, a military life is full of sacrifice & hard work. which i think ppl tend to forget...

    anyway! *hugs* to your military family, as well! it was a good day, went fast, and now i'm hungry & must head for home!!! love ya!!