"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 17 July 2011

getting my friend back

my friend holly came to visit this weekend, to join my harry potter party.  a few years ago, i was afraid our friendship was lost forever.  i mourned the loss of my friend.  i prayed for her constantly, that she would be healed and happy.

i tell you today, the Lord answers prayers!!  


yesterday i had planned to work 7 - 11:30, but that didn't happen, so i worked 8-11:30.  *laugh*  it was a bit of a crazy morning, too, i'll tell ya!  ; )  i had to cancel lunch plans w/ sherry because there just wasn't going to be time.  when i left, i had to run to the bank, then the theatre to pick up tickets for the movie.  i came home to change into shorts because it was HOTTT & then headed to my oil change.  

i forgot my book.  :(

thankfully, there was a nice lady in there who had a tablet & she showed me all the fun stuff to do on it.  we bonded over the lights.  see, when i went into the room, the lights were off & she was sitting in there w/ her tablet.  i assumed she wanted the light off since she was an adult and capable of turning the light on should she want.  if i HAD brought my book & wanted the light on, i would have asked.  so, we'd been sitting in there w/ the lights off for 15 minutes or so, and then all of a sudden everyone was concerned w/ the lights being off & had to come by & ask us if we wanted them on.  it was nice of them to ask at least!  we kept saying no, we were good.  THEN some random ppl came in & the lady just turned on the light as she walked in.  didn't ask, didn't apologize after seeing there were ppl in there.  nothing!  RUDE!  

anywhoo.  so, the nice lady & i chatted for awhile & then holly arrived!  she'd called when she hit town & i told her i was at the dealership so she met me there.  my car was ready & everything by 3, so holly parked her car at my house & we were off to the theatre.  we met cousin tracie, aunts nancy & vickie, and mom there.  POPCORN!  and then, HARRY POTTER... 

it was definitely one that you had to know the story - it opened very slowly and if you didn't know the story, i think you would be completely lost.  i know the story pretty well & still had to think about what was going on in the beginning!!  *laugh*  i did enjoy it, tho.  LOVE the way they did so many things, especially the epilogue!

this whole thing was bittersweet for me, tho, as each harry potter movie has been since daddy passed away.  HP was "our" thing.  i discovered the series on my own, but he went above & beyond to get me books 2, 3, and 4.  he bought me books 2 & 3 in hard cover after rescuing me from the mall parking lot (i don't remember what happened w/ my car that night!  it wouldn't start... and i think bret was with him).  nice surprise and a tradition was born... : )  

book 4 came out on my cousin jenni's wedding day.  i was fussed about when/how i would have time to get the book.  just before we left for the wedding, dad came in & handed me a bag - with book 4 in it!!!!!!!  i was SO EXCITED!  i started it in the car.  : )  every movie that came out, he went w/ me.  usually on opening night, as it was around my birthday (or, ON it *grin*).  he read the books, too, and sometimes we would have HP discussions.  

book 5 came out months after he was gone, and i was so sad that he didn't get to read it.  i know he's fine - either he doesn't care to read it or he knows what happened, however heaven works!  : )  

and oooh, i did not mean for this post to get off on that tangent!!  

so, the movie was fun, and afterward we went out to dinner, good times!  

when we got home, around 11 or 11:30, i think, we stayed up chatting until about 2.  we weren't playing "catch up."  it wasn't a "tell me what you've been up to for 2 years."  we did cover the 2 years, but it felt natural, not at all forced.  it was GOOD.  

today, i slept til 10 or so.  i think holly said she had been up since 8.  we hung out here for a bit & then went to the mall.  i needed to get some plug ins, something for megan, and cards.  first stop was bath & body works for the plug ins.  new scents!!  now to figure out where to put them... LOL  well, when the ones in there now are gone.  : )  after the mall, we went to WM so i could get groceries.  finally, MILK!  *laugh*  among the other things i bought!  

she helped me load up the card & the car, and unload when we got home, and then we just hung out chatting & looking at videos of her dogs (aww!) for a couple hours.  it was just so neat to hang out!!!  : )  

holly left around 2:30 & i  had to get ready for megan & justin's wedding.

but that's another story, which i'll have to tell later, because it's once again 2 am & i am TIRED!  i'll leave you w/ a picture of the happy couple, and a picture of how my evening went.  : )   TTFN!!

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  1. I still have not read Harry Potter or have not seen the movies. I broke down and read and watched the twilight series last summer... Strange how I can handle the vampires and werewolves but wizards are a bit much for me.