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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Story - Friday Zoo

last weekend was so much fun!!  mom & leyton picked me up at 10:30 & we were off!  but you can read all about the meals at the menu.  : )  and while you're there, you can check out A Taste of Elegance!  : ) 

friday we went to the Blank Park Zoo.  Do The Zoo!!

it's comparable to naibi - and because we're members of naibi (and by we, i mean mom LOL) we got in for free!  woot!  while mom was getting that all squared away, leyton grabbed my hand & we went into this really dark cave - which led to the adorable red pandas!  

once we made it through the cave, we were in this atrium that reminded me of the botanical garden.  there were birds roaming free, and waterfalls, and a sway bridge!  

 how gorgeous is this bird??  God's awesome!  

there was some lovely coral, fish & frogs that leyon was quite interested to see.  so interested that he wouldn't stand still for a picture in front of the waterfall!!

we rode the train & saw beautiful lions, spied the camel rides (camel rides!  in iowa!), and spotted the kids area & petting zoo.  


leyton fed some goats, a donkey, and the koi.  the llama, however, had been properly fed by all the other ppl, so she just stared at us.  : )  

leyton played w/ the ... gophers?  prairie dogs?  and spied the construction equipment working on the new home for the sea life.

then it was time to see the giraffes!  sadly, my camera died just before we got to them!  :(  

after the zoo, we went on up to mason city, and had a lovely dinner at 9 o'clock.  heh.  then we went to the hotel to SLEEP & prepare for our adventuresome saturday.  : )  

which is where i must leave this post tonight, because i am ready for sleep myself!  ttfn!!  


  1. i swear, zoos never get old. looks like fun was had by all!

  2. Zoos are fun. Looks like a great time.