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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

no ideas

- busy day.  lots to keep busy, and a fairly long (2 1/2 hour) meeting this afternoon.  i left at 6 even tho i could have stayed another hour, but it'll all be there tomorrow for cutoff.  

- meeting was really neat, very informative, quite a good time!  

- this heat is insane & i am so grateful for the AC & water & all that.  but i'm really ready for AUTUMN!  *laugh*  i'm ready for winter, but w/o the snow & ice mess if you please.

- watched The World According to Paris, Warehouse 13, and an amazing Switched At Birth.  this show gets better & better every week!  love it!!  

- made a really awesome dinner.  you should check out the menu (too lazy to get a link, but you know the address!  i hope!).  

- wrote out a bunch of postcards.  still have a few more to finish.  and i need more international stamps already!  d'oh!  

- matthew called - i didn't even hear the phone?!  i think this is the 4th time he's tried to call & i haven't been home!  well, this time i was home but didn't hear it & didn't see the blinking message light til 10:30.  d'oh!  i miss my friend!!

- sleep!  praying that my room is cool enough for me to get to sleep.  it's still in the 80's and muggy, and the AC is struggling to cool down the house!  


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