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Sunday, 3 July 2011

baby, you're a firework!

such a fun night w/ mom!  we went to TJ Maxx & i found a chair i loooove but it's $300 so i won't be getting it any time soon.  *laugh*  i sat in it while mom went to try on some clothes, and it was wayyy comfy!  and green!  : )  

 i was sitting in the green version of this chair.  : ) 

this blouse was sooo pretty!  she bought it & hopefully she'll like it once she gets it home, too.
: ) 

we went thru the drive thru at hardee's for dinner - mushroom & swiss burger & onion rings hit the spot for sure!  i didn't eat the bottom bun to compensate for the onion rings... : )  

i'd wanted to try & get to the lookout point around 8... but mom wanted to get gas & return movies before we tried to go there, and it was PACKED by then.  which is not to say that it was empty at 8, but... *laugh*  we might've been able to find a spot then.  anyway, we ended up in the oscar mayer lot & had a pretty good view, altho there was a semi trailer in the way for the lower fireworks.  still... 


mom did GREAT getting us out of the parking lot when the show was over.  she cut through & got us on the road in less than 30 seconds!  : )  

tv today - some desperate housewives, next food network star, and a melissa & joey marathon.  that show is so hilarious!!  LOVE!  

so, tomorrow we have a cookout at aunt judy & cousin jenni's, and hopefully leyton will be joining us! what are you up to for the 4th??


postcards from arkansas & seattle, washington.  

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