"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 18 July 2011


i am craving a cheeseburger REALLY BAD!  i ate subway for dinner.  and a pastrami sammich for lunch.  waffle & a yogurt for breakfast.  so i've had meat today, idk why i'm craving cow in particular.  i had spinach on my subway for iron.  hmmm.  

anyway, maybe i'll get a cheeseburger tomorrow for dinner.  we'll see!  maybe sausage for breakfast will help.  

today was tiring, but good.  very interesting meeting this afternoon for our survey team.  EXCELLENT discussions going on!!  love it!  stayed til 7 but got quite a lot accomplished, and am feeling good about what i need to get done for tomorrow.  

got to chat w/ april for a very brief minute!  

watched The Protector & caught up a little w/ my blogs.  actually got to make some comments!  sorry i've been so MIA, bloggy peeps!  

i really don't know what else.  i'm sending out a ton of postcrossings but have to get to bed so i'll have to finish writing them tomorrow.  

oh, angel's started pooping outside her litter box.  :(  i'm hoping it's just a tummy bug of some sort & that she's fine now.  i don't really want to keep picking up poo everywhere (hello, one reason i have a CAT who is supposed to go in her own BATHROOM!), and also it worries me because it's so abnormal for her, it makes me think something might be wrong?  :(  so please keep us in prayer that everything is okay w/ her.  she's only going to be 8 next month!  and i know tooncis died when he was 7, but that was just from a broken heart of missing tabetha - and she lived to be 14!!  

okay, anyway, prayers appreciated & now i really must go to bed.  i've been living on 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and while that's cool once or twice, i can't keep doing it!!  lots to do tomorrow.  !!  

sorry so lame!  ttfn!  


  1. I had THE best cheeseburger yesterday...my husband make them from an America's Test Kitchen and grilled them. They had cheese in the middle...it was so awesome and yummy.

  2. oooh, cheese in the middle! you had me at hello! lol i need to get a stovetop grill mmmhmmm