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Monday, 11 July 2011

gettin away from me!

time, that is!  i meant to post about our weekend tonight, but then i went to this taste of elegance thing w/ rebecca & afterwards we chatted for about an hour & a half, then i stopped to get gas... and finally made it home just before 10.  oye, long day!!  *laugh*

anyway, today was a good monday, altho i was tired.  i'm going to be tired tomorrow if i don't go to bed soon!!

had a lot of email waiting for me.  a good percentage of those were photos, or photo-related.  timecards.  vacations.  claims.  all sorts of things to play with for sure!!  : )

and now, i can't even keep my eyes open.  so - i'll just say thank you to nicki for inviting us, doug did AWESOME!  (can't give anything away as he'll be featured in thursday's menu post.  hey, nicki, if you have a picture of doug from tonight & he doesn't mind, could you email it to my gmail for the menu blog?)

train of thought...derailing... must go to bed... goodnight & ttfn!!!  : )

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