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Saturday, 2 July 2011

an ode to Mt Dew

dear mt dew, 
i miss your citrus-y sweetness.  i miss your uber-sparkliness and the joy drinking you used to give me.  i miss your yello-green colour.  i miss the hint of orange juice you contained.  i miss ordering you in restaurants and seeing your green cans and bottles in my fridge.  

diet you is not the same, no matter how much i wish it were so.  : (  

however, there are things i don't miss... i don't miss the 600+ calories you brought to my day.  

and so i have switched to diet pepsi, and diet tea, which have no calories.  DP is equally as sparkly, and diet tea is somewhat as citrus-y... : )  

also, i've replaced those calories with: 

i can have a serving of each of these snacks, and still be consuming less calories than i was consuming with you in a day.  even better - i don't need to eat one EACH of these every day!  lol  

so, in closing, i would just like to say - i do miss you, mt dew.  but i'm doing okay without you.  


haagen dasz
pretzel bites


  1. I had some diet Mt. dew today. Not so great.

  2. Right? I mean, I don't understand it. However, some ppl really like the diet dew, so I guess ... LOL