"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 7 July 2011

mmmm! warm fuzzies!

lovely, blessed thursday!  work was busy, but got almost everything done that i'd planned to, and left at 5!  : )  we have a couple ppl leaving our dept, and their last day is tomorrow, so i had cards & picked up some gift cards (& M&M's) for them.  some ppl in the office also contributed for the gift cards, which was really nice of them.  i was getting presents regardless, but their contributions were much appreciated!  

i had a slight panic attack at lunch, brought about by feeling trapped.  :|  see, i have a "set" spot that i sit at when i eat in our cafeteria.  it's on the end, and generally trish sits across from me & marcie sits to my left.  if megan joins us, she sits to my right.  if car guy gets in there before us, he sits in trish's usual spot (so i guess they share the spot?  lol) and she sits to his right.  well, today, we got in there late, so car guy was in his/trish's spot, pretty was to his right, and a girl i don't know but who works w/ pretty from an off-site location was sitting in the chair to my left.  i was going to sit across from megan & trish further down the table, but then thought that if someone sat to my left there i'd be "trapped."  so i sat in my usual spot on the end.  (oh, worth noting - i would have sat at the other end of the table, but it's heavily wobbly down there.)  everything was mostly good except i was uncomfortable, but not horrible, or panicky.  then paul, our friend & cafe server/chef, sat down to my right.  and i felt trapped.  i think if marcie had been on my left, it wouldn't have been bad, but because i was already feeling uncomfortable... i mean, i know paul, i like paul, he's awesome!  he just doesn't normally sit where he was sitting, and w/ the whole table being "off"... idk, it just wasn't fun!  i quickly finished my lunch & then high-tailed it outta there.

so, that was annoying, but made me thankful for my friends!  : )  

after work, i was craving salsa from adolph's, and phil was planning to order pizza for dinner, which did not sound appealing to me at all.  so i went to adolph's, picked up salsa, a DP, and a small combo & headed to his house.  i hadn't expected to see leyton tonight, so it was a nice surprise!!  

leyton asked me to play payday - which was one of phil's & my favorite games when we were little! but then he changed his mind & wanted to play trains.  then he decided on sorry!  oh, but wait, then he decided on candyland.

as you can see, his candyland isn't normal, it's pooh!  lol  kinda cute, but i don't like the colors of the cards at all.  after awhile, leyton decided he wanted to race his car on the board instead of playing.  no worries!  

we watched Wipeout & played w/ trucks on the kitchen floor.  then went outside & i walked as he rode his bike.  the bugs were making me feel all kindsa itchy, tho, so we only stayed out for 15 minutes or so.  then back inside for ice cream, watermelon, Bible Man, couch jumping - of course! -

and snuggles.  (oh, and some cool show on ABC called the great expedition or something?  it's like survivor/amazing race/something else entirely, and quite enjoyable to watch!   : )  tonight was the first episode of Big Brother, too, but i didn't get to watch.  mom taped it, so hopefully i'll watch it sunday if i'm over there!  if not, i guess i'll just read the recap - or enlist nicki & april to update me!  girls... update me!)  meanwhile... back at the ranch... oh, wait, wrong movie.  LOL  

ANYWAY!  ; )  i came home & watched Melissa & Joey & tried to do some laundry & pack for our trip!  woot!  phil agreed to house/angel-sit, so that is a relief for me.  

how was your thursday?  did you have a crazy day at work?  did you feel accomplished today?

have a GREAT friday and please pray for traveling mercies & that we will all have an amazing time!  :)  thanks, my friends!!

love ya!

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