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Monday, 28 May 2012


i finished book 9 of Night World today, and it was really, really neat!  the way the stories are stand alone yet weaved into this whole universe is genius.  i now want to dig thru my library & see if i can find my other LJ Smith books... i had all of them at one point, but idk if they all made it out of hs.  since my locker was the school library, some of my books never made it back there.  LOL ah well, after payday, i'll check out BAM & see if they have more on sale!  : )  meantime, i'll check out what's left in my collection.  maybe another re-read of The Forbidden Game is in order... :D  

also today - more white collar, royal pains, some psych... yes, USA marathon!  : )  love love!  

and there was a lovely game of canasta at grammy's w/ mom & aunt jan.  they won, boo!  but it was a good game, very close score!  those are the good games, when you feel like everyone was working toward victory.  ya know, ya know??  

aunt jan & i got into a *ahem* discussion about gay ppl, and she went OFF.  first of all, she misunderstood what i said, and then wouldn't listen when i tried to tell her.  even mom piped in, trying to tell her that she was misunderstanding, but she just kept going on & on about things... she kept getting louder & louder & wouldn't LISTEN & i finally had to yell "THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID!" and then she finally HEARD me & everything was fine.

oye.  it was rough there for a minute, tho, because she kept saying stuff that she thought i was saying and she was twisting it all up, to the point i couldn't even say anything because she kept making it sound like i didn't know the Scriptures or didn't believe them or something.  i even tried to point out - USING Scripture references - what i was talking about & she went back to the same argument she was making before which didn't make any sense.  you know i like to have discussions w/ differing points of view, but if you can't DISCUSS your POV w/o yelling, attacking, or actually listening to what the other person is saying - instead of your preconceived ideas of what they're saying - then it just becomes a big mess, and nobody gets anything out of it.  

ya know?

anywhoo!  i'm going to play on the forum & watch some more royal pains before bed.  : )  i hope your memorial day went well & that if you had parades, picnics, memorials or anything outdoors that you didn't get rained out!  


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