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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

season finale week



the finder 


actually, i think only castle was the season finale of those.  but thursday night is the season finale of secret circle, and sunday is the season finale of both celebrity apprentice & survivor.  : )  

back in the day, there was only one season - shows started in september and ended in may, with sweeps somewhere in the middle.  are there even sweeps anymore?  the way ppl watch tv has changed so much.  the way I watch shows certainly has.  it's not even TV anymore... LOL  for me, it's hulu.  for others, netflix.  ppl watch more on their phones & computers than actual TV's, don't ya think?  or, equally, maybe not more.  seasons have changed - there's a whole batch of shows during the summer now.  new programming, not reruns.  used to, if you missed your shows during the regular season, you could catch up w/ reruns during the summer.  not anymore, now you catch up online, or wait for the dvd's to come out.  dvd's are how i have watched several shows!  

today was kinda hazy.  in pain most of it.  in pain right now, but not as bad as it's been.  *sigh*  will have to call the dentist tomorrow.  was supposed to go to the eye doc today, but had to reschedule for next month.  hoping & praying this pain heals & doesn't hinder my fillings & oral surgery next week.  ugggh.  

hy vee for lunch w/ my wall-mate, that was nice.  nice end of the day meeting which was a lot of fun, even tho 1/2 way thru my mouth was really hurting & i should have excused myself for pain meds, but oh well.  oh, and hulu time when i got home.  : )  love love!  

now i'm off to chat w/ joy for a minute & watch GH & go to bed. what've you been up to??


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