"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

drama llama go away

that darn llama has been visiting everywhere lately!  you know my saga w/ my jaw/tooth.  well, today i ended up feeling so yucky that i left at 1:30 & came home to rest.  i've been feeling better & not off & on all afternoon/evening.  i went to mom's for survivor -  good season, but there's no rob.  altho kim is trying really hard to be a female rob... i like him better, tho.  LOL  

lots of parent health issues - my mom, sarah's mom, debi's father-in-law... prayers, please and thank you!

friends ending up in the ER.  prayers there, too, please.  they're okay, but ER visits are never happy times.

ppl cheating on ppl.  ridiculous!  if you want to break up, BREAK UP.  be a man/woman and tell your partner that you don't want to hang out w/ them anymore.  will it hurt?  YES.  but it will feel a lot better than being duped and lied to.  and also?  STD's.  when you sleep w/ your partner and then cheat on them and sleep w/ them again, you are potentially spreading NASTY DISEASES to them, the innocent party.  SERIOUSLY.  ticks me off.  

parent A telling parent B that they should "do what's best for the child" when a disagreement happens.  parent A is the parent who only uses the child for show.  yeah.  that situation is happening w/ at least 3 ppl i know.  what the what?!?!

my phone wasn't giving me texts for the past couple of days.  i kept texting ppl & no one was getting back to me & i was feeling really sad about it!  then trish called me tonight & i took my battery out & put it back in & suddenly like 30 texts popped up!  whoops!  

called baylee to let her know i have to miss her wedding.  it was nice to talk to her, but the reason made me cry.  :(  i don't want to miss my little strawberry's wedding!!!!!  *sigh*  but i got ahold of the dds & she said if it's still hurting after all this time & medicine, then she really needs to look at it again & figure out what's going on, before tuesday.  so, friday morning it is.  which means that i'll go to the dds at 8, then into work for 4 hours, whatever time that works out to be, and then take my last 4 hours of vacation.  

*sigh sigh sigh*

on an up note, before i go to bed... trish told me i should watch SMASH, but i hadn't a chance yet to see it. well, tonight when i got home i started w/ episode 10 (because the previous ones are on hulu plus of course, oye) & i am HOOKED for certain!  are you watching??  : )  

hope your thursday is blessed.  i get to hang out w/ trish & watch the season finale of SC, so yay!!  : ) 



  1. Hope your tooth/jaw feels better. Are you going to the dentist?

    I watched the first episode of SMASH but it's musical and full of singing and not something that the husband will watch with me. So I never watched any additional episodes.

    GH note: Wish that Starr would just head back to llanview. And think that the whole Jason/Sam drama is lame. I am disapointed with how they just left us hanging with the crazy Heather/Dr. Maggie story... is she stil laying on Heather's couch? And I think I would enjoy the Connie/Kate story much more if the original Kate (Megan Ward) were still playing her. Oh well.

  2. thank you! : ) i am going to the dentist tomorrow morning. praying that if it's something that needs $$ (root canal, boo) that i'll be able to make payments...

    i can't wish for starr to head back to llanview because i *heart* her and todd! *laugh* so glad to see him! am annoyed by how they're writing sam/jason right now. i just want john to be sam's brother so jason can stop being jealous. LOL and you are SO RIGHT w/ the dr maggie story!! where IS heather? (burying the body - but why is no one missing her?)