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Monday, 14 May 2012

book weekend

i read a couple lovely romances this weekend, Sand Dollar and The Eldest Son (i don't like that title for this story, but it was a fabulous book!).  now i'm reading Secret Vampire, which is a story in LJ Smith's NightWorld series.  (sidebar, sad news, april told me today that Secret Circle has been cancelled.  she & trish & i are pretty upset!  :(   )

*sigh*  thankfully, there is some good news in the renewal circle  - Once Upon A Time & Grimm are both coming back.  yay!!  

anywhoo!  did everyone have a good mother's day?  i had the opportunity to bless some lives, which was really neat.  God does work in mysterious ways sometimes, tho.  i set out to go to kohl's to get mom & grammy's chocolate (they have these yummy godiva chocolate bars there...), but on my way there i had a panic attack & just felt like i really did not want to go to kohl's.  it was the strangest thing!  i decided not to go to kohl's, but to stop at starbuck's for 1/2 off a green tea frapp & maybe afterwards head to kohl's.  except after the buck's, i went to the PO to mail some bills.  i didn't have everything in a neat pile like usual, so i took a couple minutes to find everything & get it in the box.  then, i should have turned right to go down to grammy's to deliver her card, but i turned left like i was going back home.  

all of this happened to i would be at a particular stop sign JUST as a particular couple were crossing the street. they were an older couple, and as they were crossing, i made eye contact w/ the woman & smiled at her.  she came over & said happy mother's day, and my first thought was 'Okay, crazy lady.' and i said happy mother's day in return.  then she asked if i could help them, and i said, "maybe," because if she needed money or something i was not going to be able to help.  but she explained that she & her husband had recently moved from chicago to help their daughter out w/ the birth of a new baby, and that her daughter was at the hospital today to have the baby & they needed a ride.  i had a peace about this & said, "sure, hope in."  because it's chloe & i live in the car sometimes, (not literally), i had to clean it up a bit.  and then i accidentally tried to take off while eddie wasn't fully in the car.  whoops.  ilene & eddie were their names (i think - why didn't i write this down last night?  oh yeah, i was reading...LOL).  

so, i took them to the hospital - well i took them to golden corral because they decided they needed to eat something before going to the hospital & said they could walk from there.  i was quite happy to be able to help!

i still didn't make it to kohl's, tho!  but i went today after work, so it's all good.  : )  i got 3 candybars for FREE because i had a $10 certificate from them.  woot!  i like being paid to shop!!  heh.  

anyway, after all that i just went down to mom's & hung out there, reading & watching food network shows til the SURVIVOR finale started.  even tho i was rooting for someone other than who won, i do think she deserved it!  she played a HARD game, good strategic & social game.  she kinda reminded me of rob, i think i mentioned before... except i still like rob BETTER but what do ya do?  LOL 

oh, saturday night when i went over there, leyton & i had some fun.  we played catch/volleyball before he went to the circus w/ gramma.  he also played a game where he hit darts w/ a toy hammer... and one of them landed thunk & stuck on dad's painting.  it was hilarious!  

later that night, after they returned and before bath, leyton had fun showing off his new toy, of course a laser ray gun that made noise.  LOL  and he also enjoyed playing in a storage bin... i dragged him along the kitchen floor a bit like a race car just for fun.  : )  just to hear him laugh, really.  heh.  it worked!  

ummm... what else this weekend?  i watched the shadow & some WM family movie night movies (love!), game of your life & secrets of the mountain.  woot!  i need to find the who is simon miller one... (i always want to say "who is simon baker?" but i know who that is - The Mentalist!  LOL)

today i had to visit my regular doctor ($75, ugh) who told me that i don't have any infections (yay!) or TMJ (yay!) but that it looks like an inflamed nerve (boo) and i'll just have to deal w/ it & stay on some meds until it (eventually) goes away.  (boo)  so, idk.  sometimes it feels like it's getting better & sometimes it feels like it's getting worse if i don't take something (either the vicodin or IB) at regular intervals.  (still saving the vicodin for bedtime, which seems to be a good time for it, even tho i CAN take it during the day.)

heard from sarah - her mom is doing well & the tests all came back NOT CANCER so praise Jesus for that!!

when i got home tonight, i (oh shoot, i just remembered i was supposed to stop at mom's to pick something up i left there & i forgot.  shoot.  i'll have to do that tomorrow!) watched Grimm, Once Upon A Time, Celebrity Apprentice (YES!!!!!) & Psych.  : )  excellent hulu night!!  

now i think i'll read & then hit the zzzz's because, well, i'm tired!  have to remember NOT to eat anything because i have labs in the morning.  (darn, i was just thinking a snack would be good...oh well...)

hope you have a great tuesday!  


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