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Saturday, 26 May 2012


last night - or this morning, you know how these things work - i had a long, twisty, strange dream.  nothing really happened in this dream - there seemed to be a storyline, but i'm not sure exactly where it was going.  there was a dream w/in the dream involving erin, and then in the dream i was on the phone telling her about the dream w/in a dream.  at some point i was shopping w/ juli & she was trying on heels & she was 8 months pregnant.  aunt nancy had to come help prop her up.  later, i was walking toward a building w/ tia & tamara mowry (of many twin-tastic television offerings LOL).  

i like when i remember my dreams.  i like when they have stories.  i like when dad is in them - which, somehow i feel like he was involved in the basement part of the dream, but it's like he was standing over to the side or something.  idk, exactly on that one!  

now i'm off to work on a post about yesterday, and how joss whedon is a certified GENIUS.  : )  


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