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Sunday, 20 May 2012

healing with books

i read FOUR books yesterday.  Spellbound, Dragonswan, Born of Ice, and Fire and Ice.  i was wrapped up in the stories.  i didn't want to stop reading!  in fact, today after leyton left, i felt kinda lost.  searching my bookshelves for my next read, trying to find just the right one.  sadly, the stories i want to read weren't there, so i need to run to the bookstore... well, but i'll read a romance next.  i mean, those were all romances, but they were more.  deeper stories.  sherry's books are always pain and love and intense, so intense!  lisa's, too (spellbound was the last story in the first omnibus of the Night World stories).  i have lots of both that i could re-read, too, but at the same time that i want to stay in those worlds, they are SO intense that i need a little break.  ya know?  

do you have authors like that?  

along w/ all my reading, i also got to hang out w/ leyton!  : )  jen texted me around five to see if he could stay the night, and i said sure as long as he realized that i wasn't going to be my normal fun aunt self.  he said okay & came over & we watched movies & he was very sweet, asking about my tooth & everything.  it hurt to smile, laugh, yawn, and every time he was like, "i'm sorry!" and i told him thank you but he didn't have to be sorry, it was just part of the healing process.  : )  

he wanted to go to bed at about 9:30, and he was OUT after story & prayers.  of course, then he was UP at 6:30, and i was so not ready to be UP.  i did get up & fix him some waffle & sausage for breakfast, then went back to bed for an hour.  after that hour, he'd had enough alone time & really wanted me to get up, so i did.  we made videos & snuggled & played angry birds & watched Animaniacs.  

jen picked him up around 9, and then i was feeling kinda lost.  i returned my movies & found some money i was previously unaware of (PTL!) & came home to watch Grimm, The Finder & GH.  i can't believe it's only 1 o'clock, feels like it should be later!  *laugh*  after GH i think i'll read my EW (my & marianne's shared boyfriend, MATT BOMER is on the cover along w/ channing tatum, yummmy!) & then a nice little 1977 innocent, fairly non-complicated romance.  at least, i'm hoping... lol  did you know that books were 95 cents in 1977?  sweet!  

tonight i'm going to mom's to watch the finale of celeb apprentice.  go arsenio!!!  : )  


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