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Sunday, 6 May 2012

another busy day

i slept til noon today.  thank God, i needed the rest!!  LOL  but then it was go go go the rest of the day.  heh

i went to matt & melissa's shower at 2, down at the lake.  BEAUTIFUL scenery!  i was pretty nervous, but i did okay.  it helped that i knew most of the ppl there & they knew me.  : )  trish has a pretty good set of family/friends.  they remind me a lot of my family/friends - like, i know i can invite them all to a party & they'll get along & have fun w/ each other.  like my birthdays!  : )  

there were some fun games & stuff.  all the guys stepped up & participated in the dress the bride game. al was on my team, and he did a GREAT job!  hilarious - he stuffed TP rolls in his shirt for breasts.  but then took them out cuz he didn't want to give anyone else the idea, so he put them back in at the last minute.  LOL  

i had to leave after that game, to meet mom for dinner at aunt sharon's church.  leyton was still there - yay!!  so we got to play for a bit while mom got dressed.  : )  he was staying the night, so i got more hugs & hang out time when we got home, too!  winning!!  lol

dinner was a lot of fun!  johnna & nathan were there, which i wasn't expecting.  it was nice to catch up a little w/ her!  i sat by her & aunt judy, w/ aunt sandy & her granddaughter sophie (my cousin jonell's daughter, who is leyton's age) & mom across from me.  aunts nancy & vickie & nathan were on the other side of johnna.  aunt sharon, cousin amanda & her daughters along w/ some other ppl aunt sharon knows (her mom in law, maybe?  i'm not sure...) were at the table next to us.  

they served a bountiful feast - lettuce & fruit salads, rolls w/ butter, coffee & tea, pork chops, mac & cheese, corn, mashed potatoes & gravy, and cherry chip cake for dessert.  the theme was fiesta, so there were cute little toy pinatas & maracas on the table - which were commandeered by soph & nathan most of the night.  LOL  : )  and the entertainment was a mexican dance group who are part of our ballet group.  they did a great job!!  the girls thought so, too, as they were up dancing w/ them... : )  

we had to leave early to get home so phil could make it to his game before work, so we didn't get to see the colorful dancers, but i'm sure they did a great job, as well!  it was a fun, fun night!  : )  

when i got home, i finally caught up on GH (OMH, connie is really losing it; i really think sam is going to turn out to be mcbain's sister somehow; i LOVE all the little comments luke makes about mcbain reminding him of a vampire!!!; i love the jason/sam storyline.  i love that he's not just jumping right in w/ "yes, i'll love this baby" and that they are being honest talking thru feelings.  but hopefully this whole kidnapping thing will make sam realize that she needs to be AT HOME and make jason realize that mcbain isn't a bad guy - unless you're sonny...LOL)

i tried to watch the finder, as well, but there is a storm rolling thru & all the lightning is disrupting the signals, i think.  which is okay, as it's now 11:30 & i have to go to bed!  : )  

hope your sunday went GREAT!  i'm so grateful that the rain held off til tonight, so that the party wasn't flooded out!  


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