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Sunday, 27 May 2012

things you don't want to end

i finished Black Dawn today.  of all the heroines in the night world, maggie is the one i have identified the closest with so far.  i'm now onto the last book of Night World, Witchlight.  well, the last published.  fans of the series have been waiting for the conclusion to this story, Strange Fate, for over 20 years.   i don't know how they've done it!  i don't want this story to end, i don't want to finish the book.  but i will... i enjoy the sensation of being sucked into a story - even when i feel like i'm not enjoying it LOL!  

other things i enjoyed today - white collar, hanging out w/ mom & leyton, watching videos from when leyton was little, phil whacking the weeds in my yard, watching fringe (almost caught up) and discovering all sorts of new things on lisa's website!  : )  i joined the forum, to discuss all things lj smith.  of course now i have to remember to GO to the forum... 

tomorrow i will enjoy doing laundry, i think.  after i read witchlight.  before i finish that, i doubt i'll be any use to anyone.  well, unless it's canasta time before then.  i guess i'll tear myself away for more family time.  


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