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Friday, 18 May 2012

a surgery story

work was quite productive for only being there half a day!  but the whole day i was in 
kinda a half in half out mode.  

filling out the paperwork and getting numb took almost as much time as the actual surgery.
it was really weird to hear everything that was going on.
the doctor & assistant were quite nice, and very competent, but it felt very ... 
i got some good reading in, tho.
finished Daughters of Darkness & started in on Spellbound.
i really need to find the next omnibus editions to read!  

i took my script into WM & then came home & took some meds & watched some movies & read, read, read.  : )   Facing the Giants was slow but good; The Mighty Macs was enjoyable; and Falling Up was quite cute!   mom kindly picked up the script & some extra gauze pads (which thankfully i haven't needed), and a chocolate shake (no straws!).  AND leyton hung out w/ me for about an hour, so that was super nice!  : )  he came over while mighty macs was playing, but wanted to watch some Thomas & Animaniacs instead.  heh.  

i've been about to fall asleep since about 9, so i'm hitting the hay early.  

thanks for all the prayers, keep them coming please & thank you, that everything will heal up nicely and QUICKLY and that there won't be any dry socket issues - because that sounds painful & scary!

hope your friday went well!  *HUGS*


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