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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

dark shadows - a brief review

it sucked, but johnny depp did a great job.


okay, so it wasn't 100% awful.  there WERE comedic moments, and the little boy did a great job in his few scenes.  the sets were amazingly dressed.  LOVED jackie earle haley.  : )  "Dude!"  but the bottom line is that i was BORED.  even when things were happening that were supposed to be exciting or whatever - i was yawning.  and not because i was tired.  so, my review is "Meh."

it was nice that mom impromptuly invited me to a movie, tho!  and there was popcorn... : )  

before that, my day was pretty alright, just super busy.  work, labs, more work.  had to rearrange my calendar 3 times because the issues i was working on kept overlapping into my next "appointment."  my wall-mate & i had to get out of the office for lunch, so we went to happy joe's.  they have a buffet which is a dollar off on tuesdays.  it was good, but they didn't have a lot of pizza out.  at a pizza buffet.  at lunch time.  *blink*  yeah, that was a little disappointing!

after work, i went to target for groceries, which is where mom texted me about the movie.  lol  i got some chocolaty mousse, tangy hummus, couscous salad (idk if i'll like it, but i'm going to try it!), and my usual staples of soda, milk, tortillas & meat.  the guy stocking the meat counter was cuuuute.  and had a brogue, but idk if it was real or an affectation.  we chatted for a bit, and he kept it up, but it still sounded a little like mine when i get stuck in an accent.  but he was cute.  : )  

i like flirting.  i always have.  it's fun.  it's harmless.  it's friendly.  ya know?  but sometimes, just sometimes, i wish that flirting would lead to something more.  *sigh*  it rarely does.  

anyway!  home - watched bones & the finder & now i'm off to bed!  well, i'm going to read the Scriptures & then a bit of Secret Vampire first.  : D  

have a great night!  


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