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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Cinco de YANNI! : )

FABULOUS concert!  had to leave before he gave me the shout out that i'm sure he did, tho.  jen had a VB tournament & phil was forced into work, so leyton stayed at his house & we had to be back by 10:40 so he could make it in to work.  so, we had to leave the concert a little after 10.  yanni was talking when we left.  i wanted so bad to stay & listen!  pooh.

i have pictures, but of course they aren't very good.  we were close enough to see everything, but there were spotlights in inconvenient places for pictures.  LOL  i did record video of marching season, tho.  charlie drums for like 9 minutes on that song.  it's ... awesome!!!  : ) 

today before the concert - 

leyton got up at 6:30.  AGH!  i was not getting up then, so i fixed him some breakfast & set him up in the livingroom w/ a thomas dvd  & went back to bed.  LOL  not that he let me actually go back to sleep, but i did get another hour & a half of rest at least.  : )  

(this was my wake up call this morning.  LOL)  

we hung out here watching thomas & night at the museum until 11:30.  then it was time to get the baseball uni on & head over to phil's.  we hung out there for a bit, leyton had lunch and snuggle time w/ his dad.  mom & i left at 1 so we could stop by WM before the game.  she needed gas & to pick up her meds.  she's been diagnosed w/ a thyroid condition, so please keep her in prayer - not only for her health but for finances.  her insurance deductible is twice as much as mine, which is already a ridiculous number considering you pay premiums and co-pays, but whatever.  anyway, just please pray!!  thank you!  anyway, i stayed in the car & napped while she went into the store.  : )  it was a GORGEOUS day today!  hopefully it will be more of the same tomorrow, so matt & melissa's shower doesn't get rained out.  

mom wasn't really feeling well & asked if there was someone else who wanted to go w/ me to yanni.  :|  i did ask trish, but she already had plans going on.  and i mean, really, most of my friends aren't yanni fans - not that i think they dislike him, but i don't know that any of them would be up for a spur of the moment yanni concert, ya know?  thankfully she felt better after eating something, and she said that she was glad she went to the concert.  : )  

the game was fun, thankful for the super nice day!  didn't really get any good pics, tho, at the game.  got some nice ones in the car.  LOL 

after the game, phil went home to try & get some sleep, while mom, leyton & i went to mcd's for dinner (early dinner, it was only like 3:30 or 4!).  we tried one of their new strawberry cream pies - YUMMY!  leyton got a spy toy in his happy meal, but it was broken, so they gave him a different one.  : )  oh!  and while we were there, just before we left we saw my friend nannie!  : )  she was on lunch break from work & it was funny - i'd noticed her waiting for her food & thought, "that girl's hair is really pretty."  then she turned around & was like, "carrie?" and i said, "nan!"  heh!  so we chatted for a couple minutes before heading out. i love running into friends at random places!  

next we went to sam's to get some yogurt & TP & milk & stuff.  leyton hadn't really wanted to go, so we made it fun for him by splitting up.  LOL  mom took a cart & did the shopping, i took a cart & leyton rode in it & we hit up all the free sample booths.  there was some pretty yummy food today!  my favorites were the tyson teryaki chicken & the johnsonville burgers.  yummy!  oh, and i liked the sausage pancake things, too, which were leyton's favorite.  : )  while there, we ran into leyton's sunday school teacher, so that was neat, too!  : )  

we got back to mom's around 6 & just hung out & played til we had to wake phil up & then mom & i headed to the concert.  

ahhhh, yanni, i love you!  again, WONDERFUL concert!  can't wait for the next one!  lol  

now, BED is calling me.  i did watch some What Would You Do? and Grimm when i got home.  hooray!  tomorrow is another busy day - matt & melissa's wedding shower is at 2 & then mother-daughter dinner at aunt sharon's church at 5.  hoping to get to sleep in some, first, tho!!  

how's your weekend going??


p.s. - updating yesterday's post w/ some hat pictures from michael's.  heh.... 

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