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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

more night world

*bounce* SO EXCITED!  

so, today was a pretty good day, first of all.  work went well, my meetings went well.  okay, my first meeting went well, my second meeting was a little weird.  i'd set up a conference room for the onsite ppl & then had a call-in number for the canada ppl.  except everyone called in, so it was just me in this big ol' conference room on the phone.  if i'd known the other on-site ppl weren't going to attend IN PERSON, i could have called from the comfort of my desk!  yeesh.  i wasn't really upset, tho, just mildly annoyed.  *laugh*  and the content of the meeting went well, so i guess that's the important thing?

i totally forgot my leftover spinach chicken salad in the fridge today at lunch & ended up w/ a shrimp & veggie bowl from the caf.  whoops.  and i'm pretty sure my salad isn't going to be edible tomorrow for lunch, but i'll check it out before throwing it away...maybe i can pick out the chicken & cranberries at least... we'll see!  

my wall-mate is on vacation tomorrow & friday, so she gets a 5 day weekend!  lucky!  lol  i took tuesday off, so i will have a 4 day weekend.  hooray!  long weekends rock!  : )  

trish is going camping again this weekend & leaving tomorrow.  stupid camping season.  *grumble*  *laugh*  she said i shouldn't grumble about it since it's something she LOVES, so i will say i hope she has lots of fun!  : ) 

after work, i met mom & the boys at chili's for dinner.  i had a coupon for a free appetizer that expired today.  heh.  it was tasty, tasty dinner!  and fun to hang out w/ anthony for a little bit.  and leyton, of course, but i felt like i hadn't really seen anthony in awhile, so ya know!  AND he was in a good mood, not teenager mood, but a really good mood, so it was super nice!  

after dinner, i went across the parking lot to the old borders, which is now a BAM! or books a million.  

*sound of harps, laughter, every good thing in the universe*

dude, why have i not been in this store before?!?!  oh my goodness, the prices!!  *swoon*  the prices - i got both the 2nd & 3rd volumes of the Night World omnibus for a total of $7.43.  SEVEN FORTY-THREE!!!!!  these are $10 books, ppl!  *bouuuunnnnce*  seriously, when i saw the price i about fell over.  i was so, so, Sooooo excited! !!!  : )  i can't wait to go back when i have money for a real book splurge...  : )  

anywhoo, so i came home & dove right in to the first story of volume 2, Dark Angel.  it's really different than the first 3 stories, and i can't decide if i like it or not, but i like it.  that makes sense in my head.  i like the writing, i'm just not sure i'm going to like where the story goes.  meh, that makes a little more sense.  LOL 

so, i've read thru the new blogs that have been posted & now i'm off to get lost in the story again.  

what're you reading lately?


oh!!! P.S.  - River Takoda was born today, to my dear friends tina & tony!  CONGRATULATIONS to the new parents!!!  : )   

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