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Thursday, 17 May 2012

new year's eve ... again...

i wrote a little review of this movie when i saw it in the theatre.  watching it again, i agree w/ my original assessment, and now definitely want to own it.  it could be part of a josh duhamel marathon, a rom-com marathon, and is definitely one i can watch multiple times!  : )  still gives warm fuzzies!!! 

after work i took my free movie coupon (and 2 weeks of 1/2 price movies!) to the family video & rented 5 movies for less than $3.  woot!  : )  new year's eve, three musketeers, facing the giants, falling up, and the mighty macs.  my original plan had been to get a bunch of super hero movies in anticipation of going to avengers sometime soon, but then i got distracted by facing the giants & falling up, which were in the rent one/get one free section, and my plan changed.  heh.  had i known it was going to be that cheap, tho, i would have picked up the super hero movies as well!!  ah well, i have two weeks of 1/2 price to go... 

i was hungry but couldn't think what i wanted to eat.  trish & al went camping tonight, so i was on my own.  (hope you guys are having fun!  it is GORGEOUS out!!!)  i drove around a bit aimlessly for awhile, and then decided that cheese curds & ranch sounded good.  : )  and a diet root beer.  mmmm!  

now, a little GH (love having todd back, but really tired of starr & michael fighting.  be friends again already, okay?  please?  i love it when you're friends!  and, i know it's early, but wouldn't it be neat if todd & sonny were in-laws?  come on...!) & Daughters of Darkness & bed.  

i'm not nervous about the surgery tomorrow, really, but i am nervous about the normal things that give me anxiety.  finding the place (why didn't i try & find it earlier?!), filling out paper work, recovery... will i be able to eat?  will it be like a root canal or worse?  will my left side stop hurting or hurt worse?  will i need to be on more pain medication?  oye.  

so, prayers, please and thank you!  i'll let ya know how it goes tomorrow!  


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  1. GH... Ugh. So Starr is in jail for waving a gun at Sonny but Sonny shot at Connie and Johnny and is not in jail? What is that? I have had the show on in the background for the past couple of days but not interested enough to sit down and watch.

    1. yes, the PCPD is definitely jacked up! do you think lulu will join sam in the PI business? she can fill in for her when she's on maternity leave...heh.

  2. There is nothing I love more than a great movie to escape with!!! I loved New Year's Eve!! My mom and I watched it over Mother's Day, but couldn't finish it because I had to meet back up with my mother-in-law for dinner. Mom and I continued to watch it the next day during my lunch break, and just nearly finished it aside from the outtakes. I have yet to watch those and I can't wait because Zac Efron dancing is just the hottest thing ever!! ;)

    Less than $3 - what an amazing deal!!!!

    Praying for you sweet girl!!! I pray for a speedy recovery and that the pain will go away! Even though we don't live near each other - if there is anything you need just let me know!

    I've really missed you! Been so busy lately it seems that I haven't had time to post/read blogs like I want to. Just wanted to let you know that I think of you often!

    Love you! xo

    1. *HUGS* thank you, marzipan! i miss & love you lots, too! i did enjoy reading about the CA trip, tho, and all the CJ love. : )