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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

top of the tuesday to ya!

- season finale of bones - what?!  
  - related: WHY DID THEY CANCEL THE FINDER?!  that season finale was bollox as a series finale.
     - boo.

- GH: carly, seriously, forgive johnny already.  unless he's dead.  then you pretty much don't have a choice.  jason, GET OVER YOURSELF and get back together w/ your wife.  i seriously do not want to see another jason/elizabeth reboot.  i used to like rebecca herbst.  (well, i still like her, i just am not fond of elizabeth any more at. all.  and that's on the writers, not on becky!)  

- i got to work early today & i still didn't have enough time to get everything done that i had scheduled.  of course, i didn't stay late, either.  spent most of the day feeling like i was spinning at mach speed.  
           - better busy than bored!
           - btw, my performance review yesterday was amazing and i am so thankful to be so blessed!  
                had to share.  : ) 
           - also btw - today was my 6 year anniversary.  what?!  wow!  

- phil's birthday is friday, so i texted him to see if he wanted to do dinner w/ me & mom tomorrow.  do you think he texted me back?  punk.  lol  but he sure did answer my words w/ friends request quick enough.  *grumble*  

- my mouth still feels better than it has been feeling, but is not staying at 100%, 100% of the time.  still, happy to know/feel it's healing!

- oh!  when i got home tonight - after i'd been here like 5 minutes - the power flickered, fizzled, and died!  it was so weird - i could hear it struggling to stay on.  weird buzzing coming from the phone/microwave area and the bathroom outlet.  the stove clock hung on valiantly long after everything else had gone to sleep.  it was only off for about 1/2 an hour - i went to the neighbors to check if it was off there, too, and it was.  so i called the energy company, automated system of course, and let them know it was out.  my neighbor on the other side came over to my house to find out the same thing!  LOL  half an hour later, we were back up & running!  thank God it wasn't TOO hot out!  

- seriously have got to sleep.  i don't think i've forgotten anything, but i guess that would be the nature of forgetting, if i had... *laugh*  

- hope your night and tomorrow are well!  


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