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Monday, 7 May 2012

i'm not even putting together coherent thoughts anymore.  LOL  i need to sleep.

today was a good day, tho, for a monday.

my wall-mate brought back maid rite for lunch.  it was yummy!

went over & over my finances & the timing & came to the sad (VERY SAD) conclusion that i'm not going to make it to baylee's wedding on friday.  i thought it was at 6:30, but it's at 2 in the afternoon.  i only have 4 hours of vacation left, and it's a 2-3 hour drive ... i'd planned to take off at 11:30 or so...so, idk.  right now i'm contemplating still heading down there for the reception.  we'll see!  i have to call baylee tomorrow...

tomorrow i have an eye appt.  praying everything is still okay w/ my eyes!!

my neighbors tonight were a treat.  LOL  having some sort of party/jam session.  i didn't mind, as the music was good (for R&B) but it was just so LOUD.  i mean, did it really need to be that loud??  y'all were right there, it's not like we were havin a block party or somethin.  yeesh.  anyway, then about 20 minutes ago, one of their kids & grandkids were banging on the door, yelling "MOM!  GRAMMA!  Let us in!  Open the door!"  i couldn't tell if they were being locked out or if their parent/grandparent was sleeping!  a little disturbing, tho!  hopefully everyone's okay - it's all quiet now anyway.

ttfn - i hafta sleep!

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