"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 21 May 2012


today i was a little boy crazy.
had a lovely daydream about my canadian police officer/detective on the way to work, and various scenarios about where i would meet said officer detective.
by the time i got to work, he was retired from the canadian force and had moved here to do private security.  he was either widowed or divorced, i couldn't pinpoint which, and had twin daughters who were 19 and in college, and didn't want any more children.

: ) 

boy crazy moment number two came after lunch, when my work crush went into the building before us, and it'd been so long since i'd seen him, i didn't immediately recognize that he was someone i knew, so i gave him the polite "hello smile" - you know the one, where you don't want to be a dick but you're too nervous that you'll come off as a complete idiot if you're too friendly?  anyway, i SHOULD have been more friendly because i know him.  so then i had this whole afternoon of "omh, he is going to think i'm a total stuck up witch because this is the 2nd time i've done that to him!"

i couldn't get it off my mind til i emailed nicki the whole story - which then morphed into this whole conversation of certain types of movies/books.  LOL  certainly took my mind off the "i'm a horrible rude person" thing.  

of course, then i went to the "i'm a dork" thing, but i'm okay w/ being a dork!  
i just don't want to be rude.
i'm sure he didn't give it a second thought, tho.
(thanks, nicki!)

(for those of you who know, he gives me the same HS butterflies that AK did back in the day.  LOL  but he's not canadian that i know of, so i just "enjoy" the crush part, ya know?)  

just to be clear: 
crushes are fun.  
they don't mean anything deep.
is it fun when you get to date a crush?
is it necessary to date a crush to enjoy the crush?
sometimes crushes are married, 
such as mark harmon (oh, mark!)
sometimes crushes are gay (and married!),
such as matt bomer
sometimes crushes are musical, 
such as YANNI, phil collins, billy joel
and sometimes they have been with you for as long as you can remember, 
such as bruce boxleitner, gil gerard, phil collins, billy joel, and 
yes, the hoff.
where'd he go after AGT, anyway?  
miss you, hoff!


my point.
crushes are like flirting.  they are nice and fun and not full of pressure (mostly).
they don't have to go anywhere or be more than what's on the surface.
but when they do, it's also really fun!  LOL 


so, that's where my head was at today!  
boy crazy!  

tonight i finished up my switched at birth marathon & then started a supernatural marathon (providing more crushable moments!).

: ) 

work = crazy monday.
mouth = feeling better.

and i think that takes care of today.

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