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Friday, 11 May 2012

recreation & other stories

first of all, 
shout out birthday
to my dear
: ) 
now, for your regularly schedued

i got to sleep in an hour today.
that was nice.  : ) 

went to the dds to try & get some answers about this insane mouth pain.
not so nice.
i love my dentists, that's at least a plus.
the determination from tapping & cold testing was that it's not my tooth causing this pain, and she said everything w/ my jaw from a dental standpoint seems fine.
so this is a good thing, and a bad thing.
i mean, yay it's not my tooth!  
but boo - because if it was my tooth, at least i would have an answer.
and an easy solution!  
now i have to go to my regular doctor on monday & see if it's an ear or sinus thing.
which, either of those would be okay, and preferable to something more serious or sinister, ya know?  now that it's not the tooth, my mind is all abuzz w/ ... what COULD it be?  
prayers, please and thank you!

i went in to work for a couple hours - mostly was only able to work on email!  lots of issues going on today for a friday, which was quite strange.

i was happy to be outta there at noon!  
i met mom at WM & she bought me gas, that was nice.
then we had a little misunderstanding about my wanting to borrow some money to get me thru the weekend cuz i am B R O K E.  i know, bad carrie!  
i was gonna go home & veg out for a bit, but decided to go hang out w/ mom & leyton instead.  
i'm happy about that decision!  

we went to a really neat park & had lots of fun!  there are all sorts of slides, and an area for littler kids, or developmentally challenged kids, an area w/ a wheel chair ramp & swings that are bigger, and the ground is that cushy turf to reduce injuries.  leyton had a ball!

this last one is my favorite.  : )  
mom did good!  

i did sustain a flesh wound, however.

there was a little boy about 2 or 3 who was running around apparently unsupervised.  he was so cute, and there were ppl watching out for him, but no one seemed to know to whom he belonged.  at one point he was up on the talllll slide, and made it all the way up there, was going to go down & i think got scared & then went down the other way.  well, leyton & i were at the swings & i was pushing leyton.  the little boy came up & wanted help onto one of the swings, but i didn't think he'd be able to hold on & it would be quite a drop for him.  so i tried to tell him to go over to the smaller swings.  and i was trying to keep an eye on him so he wouldn't walk in front of leyton's swing.  well, of course in a split second (and in slow mo at the same time) he walked in front of leyton's swing as it was swinging back.  i grabbed at him but not in time, and he was walloped pretty good.  knocked to the ground.  :(  
i scooped him up & cuddled him & he didn't cry or anything, just hugged me & seemed okay.  after a minute he wiggled to get down, so i set him down & went in search of his ppl.  another lady was there & knew who he belonged with, so she walked me over to them & i told them that he'd been knocked over & whatnot, and they might want to keep an eye on him.
they could take it to mean because he was knocked over or because he is a TINY BABY WANDERING THE PARK ALONE, whichever they want.

i hope he's okay.  he was so little!  

he did seem fine, tho, he was running around and i do not think he hit his head when he fell... 


other than that, and that it was H O T, it was a fun couple of hours!  : ) 

then we picked up anthony from his bus drop off & went to culver's for dinner.
leyton took my top bun that i'd discarded & put it on his sammich.  LOL 

he only took a few bites of the "larger" sammich before discarding the bun again.  

we dropped the boys off after dinner & stopped at WM for some necessities & my RX refill.
then mom went to work & i came home to watch SMASH & GH & maybe a movie later, altho it's already 9:30 & i'm tired!  *laugh*

i finally replied to a couple emails from last week & got pictures uploaded (obvs) & am feeling pretty blessed.  : )  

and my mouth doesn't hurt too terribly much... 

how was your day??


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