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Friday, 4 May 2012

fun day but meh

the meds are helping my jaw, but my tummy & head & shoulder still hurt.  :(  

hungry hobo w/ my wall-mate for lunch was fun and delicious!  

picked leyton up at 5:30 & we hung out at jen's for a little bit, playing w/a ball on the stairs.  heh.  we went to subway for dinner.  he is so polite, i love listening to him talking to ppl.  : )  also love listening to him sing in the car on the way to wherever we're going.  tonight he chose to sit at a tall table.  he chose apples over a cookie w/ his kid's pack.  he chose apple juice over soda.  (yeah, that was a lot of apples, but he shared the slices w/ me. :) )  he put carrots, cucumbers, and A pickle on his sandwich.  he wanted to sit closer to me after we'd started eating, so he moved his chair & climbed back up, but then was too far from the table.  i started to move his chair, but it was too heavy, so a nice young man standing in line by our table helped me pull it in.  it was sweet!  

next we went to old navy where i picked up a couple 4th of july shirts & a new pair of canvas tennies - in RED! - & leyton got a treat.  : )  leyton liked the rocks in the parking lot landscaping, so we stopped into michael's to see if they had any polished stones - they did, but in bags & leyton didn't want a whole bag.  idk why!  but he chose a pirate hat instead.  i was okay w/ that.  : )  

i'll post pictures of him in the hats later.  gotta load them from my phone.  heh.  they're cuuute!  
(edit: and here they are!)

on our way home, i remembered i needed to go to trish's & get my leftovers, so we swung by there.  she had the grandkids over & they were playing at the neighbor's so leyton got to run around & swing & chase kids & be chased & play on monkey bars... he came running up the hill when it was time to go home & said, "i need to go to sleep now!"  LOL  

we came home & washed his feet - too tired for a full bath!, popped some corn, watched a couple eps of thomas & then he was OUT after prayers!  

i stayed up to watch a couple eps of GH & write this blog & read a few of jana's, erin's, stephanie's & natalie's.  i think i read a couple more... i still have many friends to catch up with!  *laugh*  i think i'm caught up w/ brooke's, tho.  : )  and the twinkies are in cali, so i don't think they're worrying about posting this weekend.  LOL  

anyway!  i'm about to be OUT.  oh, PS - Draw Something is very addicting!  lol  and fun!  if anyone's on there, look me up & let's see how good we are at figuring out my bad drawings.  LOL CarrieMarieBoo, that would be me!  

ttfn - i hope you're having a great weekend!  <3 

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