"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

a random post & phone pics...

Because it is midnight and i need to go to sleep.

i had a headache almost all morning.  
stupid humidity hit out of NOWHERE.  
i want my 60's & 70's temps w/ no humidity back, pleaseANDthankyou!

went to VI w/ my wall-mate & we both had monte cristo crepes, and they were delicious!
however, it was really busy (free pie!) and our waitress was super nice, but slow.

watched an awesome speech given by the ceo of my company.
i love listening to him speak!

went to hy vee for some groceries.
day one of setting my new grocery plan into motion.
had sushi, crab ragoon, and strawberries for dinner.
they were yummy!

watched survivor.
is what i have to say about who was voted off tonight.
watched a really creepy but good criminal minds.

started playing some drawing game suggested by my wall-mate.
i'm not a good artist when i can use my whole hand!
this should be interesting...

watched last week's glee when i got home.
tribute to whitney was neat - all the songs were fabulous!
but my favorite scenes involved kurt & his dad, and then kurt & blaine.  
they are just so sweet!  i want to hug them.  
: ) 

and now i must, MUST go to bed.
tomorrow is trish (& al) secret circle night!
hooray!!!!  : )  

as promised - some pictures from my phone.
i love the one of me & angel, and the one of phil & leyton.
love anthony's half smile.
love ... okay, i enjoy them all!
they all warm my heart.
have a great night!


  1. I did not watch Glee on tuesday. I considered recording it but there was a conflict with my DVR and some other shows that were going to record during that time and I was to lazy to fix it. I did download the "Boogie Shoes" song from a couple of weeks ago from Amazon MP3 and it made my workout today much more fun.

    1. oh yeah, love the boogie shoes!! and you can watch the glee on the hulu like me now! : )