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Saturday, 26 May 2012

yes, joss whedon IS a genius

yesterday was pretty much a day of "I'm ready for the weekend!" sentiments.  LOL  i got things done and the phones were busy for the friday before a holiday.  i got a couple "oh, so glad you're here today!"'s lol  i did take an hour of vacation & leave at 3, so i could pick up erin & go see the movie for which i have been waiting for years - the avengers.  


i don't know if you know, have i mentioned?  i LOVE superheroes.  not in a "collect all magazines/comics/posters" kinda way, but definitely in a "collect stories & movies" kinda way.  *laugh*  i have really greatly enjoyed this last group of marvel superhero movies - iron man especially, but also captain america, thor, hulk (this last one)... on top of that, i am super fond of tie-ins.  books that go together (hello, Night World, Dark-Hunters!), shows that do cross-overs (GH/OLTL, golden girls/empty nest, even reality shows - you KNOW i rooted harder for jeff & jordan and brendan & rachel on AR), and movies that are sequels but not sequels.  

anyway, i realize that because of this, i was in the the perfect pre-conceived arena to love this movie.  but even i couldn't have imagined just how MUCH i would love this movie.  so much, in fact, that i would go back to see it again today if i had the money.  LOL  and also - i had completely forgotten that joss wrote this.  but the movie showcased his immense talent, is wit and TIMING.  oh, gosh, that man has timing!  the cadence on the episodes he wrote for buffy & angel & firefly & ... there is only one word, and it is BRILLIANT.  : )  

also, a side bonus of going to this movie at this time (aside from the cheaper price) was that after the movie, my dear friends shelly, mike, mac & jess were there, too, and we got to chat about the awesomeness of the movie & also just catch up a little!  : )  sometimes you don't know just how much you miss ppl til you see them again, ya know?  

so, that's my take on the avengers and joss whedon.  have you seen the movie?  are you a fan of joss?  what'd you think?  


in other news, after the movie, erin treated me to culver's for dinner & then i went over to mom's to hang out w/ her & leyton for a bit.  we made another movie, and then mom brought out her camera for leyton to play with... LOL  

he is quite the videographer... : )  

i got home around 10, i think, and finished up the last book in volume 2 of Night World, Soulmate.  intense and awesome story, altho not my favorite.  today i'm taking a break before starting volume 3's first story, Huntress, baking cookies & catching up on GH.  i'm planning to go over to mom's & hang out w/ her & leyton later, and then tonight is dinner w/ the aunts for aunt vickie's birthday.  yesterday was her birthday & phil's.  he's 32.  : )  

what's on your agenda for this weekend?  

oh, also, i updated leyton's graduation post w/ pictures!  : ) 


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