"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

bless bliss

i was invited to a meeting today to discuss a change i can make to one of my processes which will help another group out a lot, and potentially save my company thousands of dollars.  how neat is that?  even more amaaaazing?  one of the ppl in the meeting, from the law department, gave me a huge compliment - she said she was glad i was involved because she knows the quality of my work.  !!!  thank You, Jesus!  that was one of the nicest things!  : )  (another nice thing, earlier a co-worker complimented me on my bubbly manner & said she's always happy to see me because i'm happy!  that was sweet!  : ) ) 

the meeting was over, but running super long (it was supposed to be 3-4, but didn't really start til 3:20, and i got out of there at 4:45-ish).  i had to leave to meet mom & the boys at CFA for dinner.  it rained pretty much all day, so his bball practice was cancelled.  dinner was pretty quick, but i was so happy to see leyton & anthony!  i love CFA - they are so nice and the food is delicious!  : )  

got home & chatted w/ april (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO APRIL!) & watched celebrity apprentice, castle & bones.  good hulu night!!  i also got a couple bills squared away & one of the CSR's i spoke with was a nice gentleman from manchester, england!  love love love the accent!  i told him not to lose his british accent (he's in miami now) & he said, "oh, idk, i kind of like the american accent."  heh.  dude, trust me, keep the british accent!  :D  

of course i didn't get much accomplished that i'd wanted as far as my photo books & chicago posts.  oye.  maybe friday night, i don't think i have anything planned.  tomorrow is mom's for survivor & thursday is trish's for secret circle.  saturday night is YANNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  : ) 

today was a pretty nice day.  thank the Lord for His many blessings!  

i hope you were blessed today, too!!  


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