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Saturday, 26 May 2012

family time

today was a very nice saturday!  all caught up on GH (why don't they just bring natalie on the show already?  grr!), finished Huntress (omh, the most intense story yet!  i think this was part of lisa's brilliance, writing them like this.  they build from james & poppy's super-sweet story w/ almost no tension (it's there, it's just super quick) to this one where i really wasn't sure if things were going to work out!!  sometimes reading intense stories is exhausting... but worth it!  lol), watched some White Collar, and got to hang out w/ mom & leyton & play Payday.  : )  i won, even!  

mom decided she didn't want to get out of the house, so i went to aunt sandy's for aunt vickie's bday dinner on my own.  there was a big crowd, and it was lots of fun!  aunts nancy, judy, sharon, kim,and sandy & vickie, of course; uncles arnie & rick, cousins amy, brandi, and matthew & his kids, nathan & bentley.  hooray!  great night of food (spaghetti, which i ate a few noodles & LOTS of sauce cuz it was yummy; delicious spinach salad; twinkie cake for dessert) & fellowship!  : )  oh, and aunt judy brought her pics of hawaii.  their sea turtles are HUGE there!  : )  

i stopped at kwik shop on my way home (actually, i was there 3 times today!  LOL) & chatted about vampire books w/ the dude who was working.  that was pretty cool.  *laugh*  

and i think that's about it!  tomorrow i'll try to upload the pictures from tonight.  i'm gonna watch one more ep of white collar, read a bit of the next book, and then hit the hay.  so thankful to have THREE more days of the weekend before it's time to head back to work!!  : ) 


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