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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

a beautiful day

i think my jaw is feeling better.  the pain is still there, but it's just twitchy now, and not as intense.  most of the time.  i've been using less pain meds anyway, so PTL for that!  just in time for my surgery on friday... LOL 

got to meet one of the new hr reps that i've been working w/ a lot lately.  she is super sweet & energetic & LOGICAL and i really hope that she is able to maintain that attitude.  hr is a really tough job, ya know?  we see things and deal w/ things that would make most ppl drop to their knees in agony.  it wears on ppl, it can make even the nicest, bubbliest person a little run down or bitter.  i struggle w/ it myself sometimes.  i have coping mechanisms for those days when i feel the bitterness creeping in, or the sheer flabbergast at ppl.  

anyway, wow, tangent.  LOL  

work was fine, busy, BUSY, BUSY, and i took a much needed break at lunch to read for a few minutes.  : )  

after work, i picked up dinner at taco john's, went home to change, and then went to mom's to hang out w/ the boys til mom got home.  she got off early, so we were all able to hang out together!  : )  we rode bikes/walked to the park & there was a father & sons playing w/ a remote control boat in the lake.  leyton was SUPER excited - and it was reallllly neat.  i think mom's going to get one cuz she really liked it, too.  

a really, really fun evening, and i am so thankful for it!  : )  

when i got home, i watched a really sweet Glee & caught up on GH.  got to chat w/ erin & schedule some hang out time.  yay!  now, off to read & hit the hay.  tomorrow will be another BUSY day.  hopefully it'll also be trish (and al) day, but she texted today to say they might go camping early, so ... we'll see!  


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