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Friday, 1 June 2012

the bradfords

a few weeks ago, i mentioned to someone that i wished Eight is Enough was on DVD.  the other day while at WM, what should i see but Eight is Enough on DVD!!!  i shouldn't have bought it, but i did for $20.  season 1 took place in 1977-78, so i was 1-ish.  it's amazing to see this piece of history come to life.  i mean, to see what teenagers were going thru when i was little, and to realize how much has stayed the same more than how much has changed.  styles have changed, technology too.  but family dynamics, differences in how parents treat boys & girls, concepts about "cougars"... it's really interesting!!  

this week has been exhausting, but good.  SUPER busy at work, and i was very happy to see today!  even tho it was also busy - started out w/ a 2 1/2 hour meeting.  heh.  

leyton was supposed to have a baseball game tonight, so i went to mom's to go w/ them.  but phil called when we were on our way there to say that the game had been delayed.  we stopped at popcorn charlie's & got some Old Glory popcorn - white cheddar & red & blue buttered corn.  VERY GOOD!  then phil called back to say that the game had been cancelled due to overbooking the fields.  so we went to the video store & got some movies.  i rented xanadu.  : )  

leyton spent the night tuesday night & we had fun playing cars in the kitchen & watching phineas & ferb.  then wednesday after work i went to trish's for dinner & to hang out.  i got home a little after 10, only to discover that my power was out!  i called to report it & they said yes, it had been out since about 2.  i ended up going back to trish's to stay the night on her couch.  it took me awhile to get to sleep, as it always does when i'm away from home (except, usually, at the omaha doubletree, which apparently feels like home!  *grin*), but i was definitely helped by listening to pandora on my phone! love that app!!  : D  

the power didn't come back til nearly 7 thursday night, which means it was off for more than 24 hours, which meant i really didn't feel comfortable keeping most of the food in my fridge & freezer.  :(  so thursday night i threw a BUNCH out.  :(  

tomorrow is a big fair type celebration that mom, leyton & i will be going to.  excited!!!  : )  after that, it'll be time to get groceries.  yay!  

this week i finished The Star King & am now reading a sequel, The Star Prince.  re-reading, really, as i've read them many years ago.  after that will be - can you guess?  The Star Princess.  : )  it's a family series!  

hmmm.  that might be it, you might be all caught up.  LOL  

what're you up to this weekend?


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